Construction is cooking in Chile!

Chile’s cities and towns are getting ready for all the new construction that’s coming their way over the next few years thanks to a 2014 government program.
President Michelle Bachelet introduced an exciting master plan for Chile’s infrastructure last year that included $18 Billion in public work projects. That means massive development projects have begun throughout the country including the building of highways, airports and reservoirs.
The plan includes the badly needed expansion of the Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in Santiago, the country’s largest. The construction of new terminal buildings at regional airports throughout Chile are being discussed, as well as the introduction of a metro rail link from the airport to central Santiago.
All of this means a lot of construction activity is headed to Chile’s capital between now and 2020 when the newly introduced tax concessions expire.
Stirring the construction pot. . .
Bachelet’s plans include infrastructure investments in both the city and the extreme northern and southern reaches of the country. Over $3 billion is being set aside to expand several regional airports and develop urban manufacturing facilities. Plans are being finalized for the construction of desalination plants in the Antofagasta region of northern Chile and the extreme southern region of Atacama.
The construction of twenty-two water reservoirs is expected to occur within the next several years and millions of urban dwellers will be celebrating the paving of many rural roads throughout Chile’s countryside.
When the program was first introduced, President Bachelet told Reuters and the PanAm Post, “We’ll only achieve development if we invest strongly and constantly in public infrastructure”. The program has already begun to inject life in the form of jobs and new businesses in Chile and has brought new investors and investments into the economy of the country.
Chile’s economy has remained strong since the influx of foreign investment following the 2010 earthquake off the coast of Santiago. The economy has grown nearly 7.8% since then with the construction industry expected to continue its current boom for the next several years.
Tastes good to the citizens of Chile!
A rising demand for residential units has driven the Chilean construction bonanza along with the country’s continued investment in infrastructure, mining and retail industries. One benefit of the recent boom has been the growth in tourism and convention business since the introduction of the master development plan by Chile’s president.
With construction thriving throughout the country, The Construction Expo (CONEXPO) of Latin America brings excitement to Santiago in October of this year.
Aimed at all segments of the construction business, the Expo hopes to bring information about ground-breaking technologies and equipment to the developers and contractors in Chile.
International experts from various construction fields will offer insight and training to attendees at the many seminars and discussions being held. Thousands of exhibitors are expected to present the latest and greatest in construction equipment from all over the world.
Attendees will get a glimpse into many recent innovations that have been made in the Construction business, including new and improved earth-moving equipment and construction cranes. The most current manufacturing processes and procedures will also be on display at the Expo with experts offering tips and best practices for their implementation.
A Feast for the Construction Business in Chile
The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) is proud to bringing CONEXPO to Latin America. Organizers hope to create a workable network between construction manufacturers, retailers and their customers all over Latin America. Independent contractors, equipment retailers, raw material manufacturers and distributors as well as representatives from many government agencies are expected to attend. Con Expo Latin America is being held October 21st to the 24th, 2015 in Santiago Chile.
Author: James White
James White is an experienced home improvement blogger and construction worker. His writing has appeared in many publications, including EHS Today, Construction Today, and Building Blok. James is involved in promoting the ideas of sustainable building and construction safety. And, when he’s not saving the planet through his blogging, James revels in exploring the latest developments in the construction and manufacturing industries, its history, its advancements, and where we will be tomorrow. Twitter: @JGtheSavage