Constructions and interior and exterior decoration brought 17.000 visitors to ROMEXPO

Between April 10th to 13th, ROMEXPO held five exhibitions whose subjects have complemented each other. Thus, for four days visitors have crossed the steps of:

– CONSTRUCT EXPO – The international trade fair for construction technologies, equipment and materials
– AMBIENT EXPO – International trade fair for products and systems for interior and outdoor decoration, furniture and swimming pools
– ROMTHERM – International exhibition for installation, heating, cooling and air conditioning equipment
– EXPO FLOWERS & GARDEN – International flower, landscaping, horticulture and gardening exhibition
– ANTIQUE MARKET – Antique and art objects fair

From the impressive number of construction equipment to small decorations for home and garden, these five events have provided a complete image, in accordance with the market, of the construction, interior and exterior decoration, design and landscaping field.
constuctexpo_komatsuStill in recovery after a period of general economic crisis, CONSTRUCT EXPO marked a slight increase from last year, both in terms of number of exhibitors as well as the area occupied. Technological highlights, machinery and equipment with which companies can minimize operating costs were among the attractions of the fair, with discounts that were between 10 and 30%.
In addition to CONSTRUCT EXPO, the International trade fair for products and systems for interior and outdoor decoration, furniture and swimming pools – AMBIENT EXPO brought new gadgets that beautify and create comfort for every house. The window that can be controlled by a tablet, 3D fireplaces and luxurious pools filled AMBIENT EXPO. Those who were looking for effective solutions to heating and cooling houses found at ROMTHERM installations designed to reduce costs and obtain the much desired thermal comfort.
Along AMBIENT EXPO and CONSTRUCT EXPO, ANTIQUE MARKET and EXPO FLOWERS & GARDEN fairs brought the aesthetic side to ROMEXPO. Jewelry, books and vintage cars, furniture and paintings could be admired and purchased by visitors of ANTIQUE MARKET.
Because spring is still in full swing, those who crossed the steps of EXPO FLOWERS & GARDEN could enrich the varieties of seedlings and found new ideas for landscaping. One of the novelties of this edition was the green fences that could be fitted at any time to change the look of the buildings.
“Usually, fairs and exhibitions are the true and fair view of the real situation of the areas they represent, and the five events that have just ended at ROMEXPO make no exception. The signals received from exhibitors and visitors indicate that things seem to be improving, and we hope for a positive development. Of course we want to go back to the figures we had seven years ago, but the important ones are the small and safe steps.” Marian Suciu, General Manager, ROMEXPO S.A.
These five events have brought together over 400 exhibitors on an area of ​​15,000 square meters, and have attracted 17,000 visitors over four days.
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