Dual-tasking SDLG LG936L facilitates asphalt production for major road project in Indonesia

The contractor for the Trans-Sumatra Toll Road is renting the wheel loader to handle aggregates at a quarry for asphalt production. The machine’s fuel efficiency saves cost over long hours of operations and its comfort enhances the productivity of the operator.
An SDLG LG936L is proving vital to operations at a quarry in Palembang, Indonesia, where it performs a dual role. Primarily, the wheel loader fills dump trucks with stockpiled sand and raw aggregates for transportation to an asphalt mixing plant onsite. Then, occasionally, it fills in for a second, older SDLG wheel loader that is tasked with transferring the material from the trucks into a hopper for processing.
With the LG936L operating up to 10 hours every day, having to shuttle the approximate 100 m distance between the stockpiles and the asphalt mixing plant at times, its fuel efficiency delivers valuable cost savings. At the same time, the machine’s strong build quality ensures smooth, reliable performance, according to CV Grand Global Sumatera, the equipment rental company that owns the LG936L, purchased from local SDLG dealer PT Indotruck Utama.
“It is easy to see why the LG936L stands up to such rigorous demands, since it has withstood 200,000 fatigue tests by SDLG. Our experience operating the machine has only reinforced our confidence in it,” said Andre (many Indonesians go by a single name), operations director at CV Grand Global Sumatera.
CV Grand Global Sumatera is leasing the LG936L wheel loader to PT Hutama Karya, the owner of the quarry. PT Hutama Karya uses the asphalt produced at the quarry to pave the 2,700 km Trans-Sumatra Toll Road, which will connect Lampung in South Sumatra to Aceh in the north. To keep the project on schedule, a steady supply of asphalt is important, especially given the scale of the Trans-Sumatra Toll Road.
On site since 2017, the LG936L handles up to 5,000 m3 of sand and raw aggregates every day to meet asphalt demand. The machine is expected to support operations at the quarry until 2020, and its comfort is a welcome feature for the operator in a typically harsh working environment. CV Grand Global Sumatera also provides the operator as part of the rental package.
“The wheel loader’s design helps us counter one of the main challenges on the job site — a tropical climate that is normally hot and at times wet. The more comfortable the operator is, the more productive they are on the job site, which is why the LG936L is a good fit for us, as it helps us keep pace with production demands,” Andre said.
With an air-conditioned steel cab with wide visibility and a large operating space, the operator is protected against the elements and enjoys optimum comfort. With the option to install rollover protective structures and falling object protective structures, contractors have flexibility to adapt the lightweight wheel loader to meet changing job site needs.
Powered by a 92 kW Weichai Deutz engine, the 3 t-rated LG936L is highly-maneuverable. The 1.8 m3 bucket on the unit can be raised to a dumping height of 3.3 m, and the maximum breakout force is 96 kN.
Source: SDLG Press