Euro Mine Connect

Euro Mine Connect – New digital conference in 2021

Next Euro Mine Expo to be held in 2022

We hope that all is well with you, your colleagues and the ones most dear to you. As always health and safety are our highest priority.

That is why we have taken the decision to postpone Euro Mine Expo until June 14-16, 2022.
We also have great news to bring: There will be a new, digital conference called Euro Mine Connect held June 1-3, 2021.


With this spinoff from Euro Mine Expo we will bring you a competent conference filled with interesting and inspiring talks, workshops and discussions around hot topics in the mining industry.

The digital conference opens up to innovative and interactive ways to attend for more contributors, collaborators, and competence in the mining industry. We also plan to include the possibility to attend digital field trips.

In Euro Mine Expo 2022 we will take full advantage what we worked with in 2021 to add more digital possibilities to attend and heighten your experience.

Together with our organization committee, technical program group, partners, and collaborators we feel confident that Euro Mine Connect 2021 will be a good addition and spinoff and that Euro Mine Expo 2022 will keep its position as one of Europe’s most important meeting places for the mining industry.

We wish all the best for you and your loved ones. Together we can see this through.

Welcome to Euro Mine Connect in 2021 and to Euro Mine Expo in 2022, but until then, stay safe.


Source: Euro Mine Connect Press