euromine expo
Todays moderator at the main conference, Peter Burman, Program Manager Mine Automation, Boliden opens the conference. (picture from the live stream)

Euro Mine Expo 2022 is open – center for the future of mining

Euro Mine Expo 2022 features the most comprehensive conference, over 200 exhibitors in the trade fair, participants from over 40 countries and the longest list of sponsors to date. This year marks a a strong statement of the importance of the mining industry in the world with focus on northern Sweden, Europe’s most mineralized area.

This years Euro Mine Expo also features more additional events then ever before and more field trips than any time before. Even this trade fair magazine marks an all time high with 68 pages of interesting information about all this years Euro Mine Expo has to offer.

The mining industry is facing exciting developments, in terms of both technology and methods. Companies in the region are working on exciting collaborative projects in everything from electric vehicles and sustainable mining to methods for mining at ever greater depths.

“Euro Mine Expo is held in the centre of over 100-billion-dollar investments in the far north of Sweden in mining, the green industrial revolution and infrastructure to mention a few. For those following the Swedish mining industry it’s clear that there are exciting times we live in. We are very pleased with the level of commitment the industry has shown in developing the conference program that will address a lot of the most exciting projects and innovations”, says Sinnika Sjunnesson, project manager at Euro Mine Expo and continues:

“Collaboration is one of the key factors in building a strong meeting place for the mining industry and it’s suppliers. We are fortunate to have strong, engaged and active sponsors. They make a huge contribution with their extensive knowledge and insights in the many research, development and innovation projects that is beeing conducted. The conference program, for example, is built in close cooperation with our sponsors”.

In 2022 the topics at the conference includes fossil free mining, automation and digitalization, deep rock engineering challenges, modern exploration & future mining and the important topic mining and society. It will also include talks on the mineral strategy of the North Calotte.

“The conference will also be looking at the entire value chain from a sustainability perspective, which feels incredibly exciting”, says Sinnika Sjunnesson.

Finally there is the Exhibitor Innovation Forum. Here exhibitors present their latest innovations, product updates, new solutions and services. Here you will hear the latest news, the most recent technology, learn about new projects and hopefully improve your business.P

Source: Euro Mine Expo Press