Shanghai Mold Expo


  • Series of templates: Aluminum templates and equipment, related parts of aluminum templates and repair tools, plastic templates, Steel-wood combination templates, new type templates of pipe rack, wall templates system, column templates system, well-bore templates system, removing system, slip form, big match formwork system, prestressed hollow, large roof, special-shaped (staircase templates, door and window openings templates), multi-directional templates system, road, bridge, beam, tunnel templates system, etc. New structural templates system of truss floor deck composite templates, fiberglass mold shell and other materials; decorative concrete formwork system; bamboo plywood and high strength wood-based panel templates system; steel frame plywood templates and its supporting system; plastic wood formwork system; steel templates and accessories, templates release agents, cleaning equipment
  • Series of scaffolding: Attachable lifting scaffolding and safety nets, bowl-scaffold multi-functional scaffolding, disk-type scaffolding, portal scaffolding, crab-clamp scaffolding, climbing frame, Bailey scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, trapezoidal scaffolding, indoor decorative scaffolding, elevator, chrysanthemum buckle scaffolding, steel grating, piercing body scaffolding, aluminum alloy scaffolding, aluminum alloy fast-fitting scaffolding, aluminum alloy ladder Insulated quick-fixing scaffolding, insulation overhaul frame, power plant boiler furnace overhaul frame, fast-fixing scaffolding, aluminum alloy scaffolding, building fasteners, building screw, various types of fasteners, screw, step-by-step, wall screw, butterfly button, and related accessories.
  • High altitude technology platforms: scissor-fork type workbench, truck-mounted workbench, sleeve type workbench, telescopic column type empty workbench, boom type workbench, mast type workbench, etc., various fixed hydraulic lifting platform, automatic lifting vehicle, crane, hoist, balance crane, crane, tower crane, etc., all kinds of high-altitude workbench protection products, vertical climbing protector, adjustable stay rope, buffer safety rope, etc. Multifunctional seat belt, anti-falling safety net, etc.