Executive Hire Show: MOBA shows control systems for construction machines

MOBA Mobile Automation Ltd. is presenting its control systems for earthmoving and road construction machines at the Executive Hire Show in Coventry at 8th and 9th February 2012. The product range that MOBA is demonstrating at booth no. B20 stretches from excavator systems to 2D/3D leveling systems and the roller system MCA-1000.

Excavator systems for accurate results
With Vision LINK and Vision 3D, MOBA offers excavator systems for many different requirements. Besides versatile 2D features, Vision LINK supplies basic 3D features and can be upgraded to Vision 3D any time. Vision 3D automatically determines the position of the bucket via GPS. Project data is transmitted directly from the office to the machine through the Internet; from this data a 3D terrain model is designed and shown on the touch screen panel. This way the excavator operator can control the bucket using the digital terrain model. The systems work extremely accurately, increase cost-effectiveness and machine use efficiency. The tele-support offers quick help without service personnel needing to come to the site.
Levelling systems for versatile applications
MOBA is also well positioned in the field of levelling systems:
GS-506 and MOBA 3D can be mounted on dozers, graders and all other types of levelling blades. The modular concept enables the quick and simple upgrading from GS-506 to MOBA 3D. With the 3D-system, even complex construction plans can be implemented quickly and effectively. As early as the surveying stage, the terrain type is captured in 3D, detailed surveying and check measurements during the construction phase are largely unnecessary. This accelerates work processes, increases efficiency and eliminates sources of error. With the help of preset project data, MOBA 3D generates a 3D design file. All project data is displayed for the driver on the 10.2 inch touch screen and stored for subsequent processing. MOBA 3D works with GNSS antennas as well as with total stations.
Optimised material compaction
With the roller system MCA-1000, optimised material compaction can be achieved in the construction of roads and tarmac surfaced areas. The system records the number of roller passes during the entire project and reconciles target and actual passes. This permits production of a homogeneously compacted material, preventing future road damage. All data is shown at the easy-to-use colour display of the panel Operand D. The MCA-1000 permits a highly efficient use of the roller and reduces both operating cost and wear on the machine, and keeps the operator on the right track.
Source: News Room MOBA Mobile Automation AG