Exhibitor Testimonials bC India 2014

Sorab Agarwal, Executive Director, ACE, India
“bC India is a very good show and for us it is very important to be here – we have to be here. We had visitors from all over India but also international ones. At our booth were only business visitors, only people who have something to do, like buying or selling. We only had genuine customers – there was no wasting time, they were here for business. I was too busy to meet all the people who came to our booth in order to talk to me. We wanted to meet and network with our customers and showcase our products at bC India and we reached all these goals. Furthermore, we closed some deals.”
S. Baskar Babu, General Manager, Schwing Stetter, Germany, Subsidiary India
“bC India as usual came out very well. The participation was very good. The quality and the delivery of bC India is unbeatable. We will definitely participate in every edition of bC India.”
Sandip Choudhuri, General Manager & Head Kansbahal Works, Larsen & Toubro, India
“For us, bC India was very successful. We had many customers and very serious enquiries. The visitors were very seriously interested in our products. We launched a new product here and in that respect it was very important for us to be here to use bC India as a platform.”
E. Moses Ebenezer, Associate Vice President – Marketing & Business Development, Kobelco, Japan, Subsidiary India
“bC India is one of the best shows. It’s a quality infrastructure show, very well organized. We had good visitor quality at our booth.”
Gerd Gressbach, Managing Director, Wimag, Germany
“This year we made excellent progress at bC India – we are definitely at the right show here. The people who came are all interesting potential customers for us. It´s very much a trade audience here.”
Marcel Habers, Sales Manager, Topwerk, Germany
“We regard bC India now as a fully established trade show. The quality of the visitors is top. Here we met not only our existing customers, but also many new potentials. Overall this was a perfect end to the year.”
Raman Joshi, Executive Vice President Asia-Pacific, Manitowoc Cranes, USA, Subsidiary India
“We’ve had a lot of productive meetings at bC India 2014 and many of our Indian customers are at the event. Overall customers in India are very receptive to our offering. It’s clear that India is continuing its development and our impression from bC India is that the construction industry in this country is keen to play a starring role in helping India achieve its growth ambitions.”
Tanmay Majumdar, Associate Vice President, Gmmco/Caterpillar, India
“For GMMCO, participating here is very, very necessary. This show is very well organized and it’s a very good venue. The quality of visitors was very high, including good buyers, contractors and the like. bC India is a good opportunity to meet new customers.”
Ramesh Palagiri, Managing Director & CEO, Wirtgen, Germany, Subsidiary India
“bC India is very important for the Wirtgen Group. Here in India, bC India is the most professional trade fair. Delhi as a venue is a good choice – all our competitors are here. We had genuine visitors at our booth and lots of customers from the northern part of India. We’ll participate in the next bC India, too.”
Asit Patel, Managing Director, Ammann Apollo, Switzerland, Subsidiary India
“bC India is a vehicle to convince customers and to sell products. We are happy with our results, especially on the second day. The quality here in Delhi is substantially better. It’s a very well organized, very well laid out show and that helps a lot to show our products.”
Anibrata Routh, General Manager (Technical), Peri, Germany, Subsidiary India
“For us, bC India is a great opportunity to showcase our formwork solutions. The response we received was beyond our expectations. bC India is the international show which attracts quality visitors from all around the world. Hence, we feel this exhibition is the right platform in which to participate.”
Johann Sailer, Managing Director, GEDA-Dechentreiter, Germany
“At bC India we had visitors from all over India at our stand, which is excellent for us. The quality of the visitors was definitely good and even better than last time. An upturn is awaited in India, which is why the timing of bC India is good. It is important that we have bC India here – we need it.”
Dr. Thomas Schwaninger, Managing Director, Liebherr, Germany, Subsidiary India
“bC India is the most important Indian construction fair in the current year and bears a special significance for the local construction industry. Visitors and customers signaled a generally optimistic mood. In the field of concrete mixing technology some sales could be completed during the first phase of the bC India show. In the field of mobile cranes very good talks with highly interested customers took place in the first two days of the show and more are anticipated.”
Anupam Kr. Sharma, Managing Director, Doka, Austria, Subsidiary India
“bauma is a recognized brand in the construction industry and regarded as such by all our clients. It drives us to participate in bC India.”
Rajesh Shrivastava, General Manager – Marketing & Dealer Development, Terex, USA, Subsidiary India
“We are very excited about the profile of the customers here at bC India. The customers showed big interest in our products. We had customers coming and buying equipment right off the booth. We also saw new prospective customers who came just to see our new product launch. We had many new customers and definitely quality visitors, especially compared to other shows in India.”
Alex Wu, Managing Director, Sany Heavy Industry, China, Subsidiary India
“We had a good quantity of visitors from South Asia and India and they gave us good comments about the organization of the show. We were able to close some good contracts.”