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Experts and Analysts to Discuss Future of Commercial Vehicle Industry at Shanghai Summit

3rd China International Commercial Vehicle Summit 2017
May 10-12, 2017·Shanghai, China

The commercial vehicle market in China is in flux, as sales and production for certain sectors, such as trucks, have risen, while sales and production for coaches and other types of vehicles, has fallen. Stricter regulations in the form of rigorous emissions standards, road transportation requirements, and GB 1589-2016, have presented new challenges for companies in the commercial vehicle industry. At the same time, technological developments promise sustained future growth.
In light of these developments, Duxes’ 3rd China International Commercial Vehicle Summit 2017 will take place in Shanghai, on May 10-12. The summit will provide a platform for attendees to familiarize themselves with the Chinese commercial vehicle industry, gathering government officials, and representatives from industry associations, and companies involved in the field.
The summit will begin with a day of testimony focused on topics related to engines, with presentations from engineers, designers, and technical experts, on specialized content, such as optimizing engine thermal management systems, fuel economy improvements through advanced high pressure diesel common rail systems, advanced statistical analysis of the diesel engine market, implementing light-weight technology, and other pertinent issues. The event’s second day will shift its emphasis to the regulatory environment in the industry, with officials from the Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Transport, discussing the ramifications of new policies. Further testimony during the rest of the summit, on the second and third days, will be varied, as analysts and industry participants analyze the commercial vehicle aftermarket, topics related to logistics, and strategies undertaken by OEMs to capitalize on innovation in the market.
As with events in previous years, the Duxes 3rd China International Commercial Vehicle Summit 2017 strives to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among attendees, and provide an outlet for innovation and cooperation within the commercial vehicle industry in China. Professionals engaged in work related to commercial vehicles, with OEMS, suppliers, logistics companies, fuel companies, consulting companies, and similar enterprises, as well as the non-profit and public sectors, are invited to attend.

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