Feed-in Tariff in Romania – The Countdown has Started!

After several years of growth and innovation, the PV Industry is facing another challenging period, with shifting market dynamics from large scale projects to small and medium systems.
Romania has been one of the most dynamic markets in the last years as regards renewable energy and it has a huge potential in the PV market. Our country added almost 1 MW of new photovoltaic capacity in the last eight months, despite the change of the support scheme for green energy producers.
The Law on Renewable Energy Sources adopted in June 2015 provides opportunities for the development of solar energy photovoltaic in Romania.
This is the time when Romania’s PV market can grow even more.
Legislation (mainly law 122/2015) on regulated tariff for small renewable players, feed-in tariff, opens new opportunities for small projects, including PV and is expected to enter into force latest October 2015. The support scheme will be approved for projects less than 500 KW. The remaining time should be used to organize administrative, technical, fiscal and methodological aspects associated with the conditions of investments and operation of PV systems. In order to secure a positive perception of solar energy photovoltaic, it is crucial to ensure the proper installation of PV systems with the use of high-quality components.
All these aspects, such as procedures for the various stages of PV systems investment process and the introduction of a quality mark for installation companies, will be among the topics discussed during the 7th International Conference – Solar Energy in Romania.
Thanks to active participation, the conference participants will be able to take part in creating and promoting good practices connected to the PV systems installation.
The 7th International Conference – Solar Energy in Romania will be held at the Palace Hall in Bucharest, Romania, on November 19th, 2015, as part of RENEXPO’s® 8th Energy+Efficiency Fair and Conferences. The trade fair is supported by the Ministry of Energy, Small and Medium Enterprises and the Business Environment and sponsored by Fronius International GmbH. For more details about RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE visit www.renexpo-bucharest.com
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