First e-book keeps AEM out front promoting safety, best practices –

Hydraulic excavator safety is focus – Reaching more equipment operators is goal
The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has published its first safety manual e-book to enable equipment operators to conveniently access safety information wherever they carry their mobile devices. This first AEM e-book is an electronic version of the association’s popular Hydraulic Excavator Safety Manual.
AEM developed the e-book safety manual in response to industry requests. It is not meant to replace print but provides another avenue to reach equipment operators and help them practice safety on the jobsite. The AEM hydraulic excavator safety e-book features user-friendly options such as variable type, bookmarks, the ability to embed and e-mail notes, content searching and a low-light reading format.
The e-book format also allows AEM to more easily distribute safety information globally and extend the reach of its safety messaging.
The AEM hydraulic excavator safety e-book (English only) is available as an iBook on Apple’s iBookstore. AEM plans to add more manuals to the iBookstore, as well as expand into other e-book platforms to increase availability.
To order the electronic version of the AEM Hydraulic Excavator Safety Manual, first install iTunes on your Mac or PC if you do not already have it. Once you have iTunes installed, you can find the Hydraulic Excavator Safety Manual here.
For print versions of the AEM Hydraulic Excavator Safety Manual and all AEM safety manuals and materials, visit the online AEM Store at
AEM safety manuals: Clear and concise information
All AEM safety manuals outline typical worksite and equipment hazards as well as safe practices in equipment preparation, operation, maintenance and transport. The guidelines are presented in a concise and well-illustrated layout for easy comprehension. (AEM safety manuals are not a substitute for manufacturer manuals.)
AEM safety and training materials cover more than 40 types of equipment used in agricultural, construction, forestry and utility applications. All manuals, videos and related safety and training products are available online through the AEM Store at Some safety materials are offered in downloadable files or in DVD format. AEM members receive discounts on select materials.
Source: AEM News Room