R1200 9 004
R1200 9 004

First Hyundai 120-Tonne Excavator put to work on a Major Demolition Project in Europe

Démolition et terrassement XL Sàrl from Nidderkuer, Luxembourg, has been using the largest capacity Hyundai excavator, the R1200-9, which has an operating weight of 120 tonnes, on a major demolition site in the financial heart of Luxembourg City since March 2017. This is a first for a Hyundai machine of this size to be sold in Europe.
The gigantic work site, once complete, will host the new offices of the Bank of China. Located at the junction of the Boulevard Royal and the Rue Notre Dame, the huge excavator is being used for breaking reinforced concrete foundations with a 7-tonne hydraulic breaker. The first task to complete is a 35-metre-deep, 6-storey underground parking area.
HMB closes the deal
HMB, the Belgian and Luxembourg Construction Equipment dealer, is very proud to be the first European dealer to have sold the R1200-9. Paul Verbiest and Tom Haesevoets, owners of HMB, commented on the deal: “Mr Carlos Alberto Rodrigues de Sousa, the owner of Démolition et terrassement XL Sàrl, came to see us at Bauma (Munich, Germany) in 2016, where we concluded the deal. Mr de Sousa was already familiar with the Hyundai range and has 12 Hyundai machines in his fleet. For this special project he was looking for a machine of substantial size to complete the task. What really convinced him was the combination of the quality and efficiency of the Hyundai machines, a good price and our excellent service and good relationship with his company. We are very proud to contribute to this project.”

The Hyundai R1200-9 on a major demolition site in Luxembourg. The 567 kW giant breaks reinforced concrete foundations with a 7-tonne hydraulic breaker, helping to make room for a business quarter.

Well-suited for the job
The excavator, powered by a 567kW turbocharged diesel engine (displacement 23 l), was designed for heavy earthmoving, stationary digging and long-reach demolition duties. The standard equipment includes double grouser shoes measuring 710, 800 and 900 mm in width. For this particular demolition job, the client was looking for narrow shoes, which will also be used for the excavator’s next assignment at a quarry near Luxembourg City. The R1200-9 has placed the South Korean construction equipment group in the top league of large-capacity equipment manufacturers.
CAPO (Computer Aided Power Optimization)
The state-of-the-art CAPO (Computer Aided Power Optimization) system ensures optimum performance from the engine and the two hydraulic pumps. The different power modes serve specific working loads. In addition, the system features auto deceleration and a power boost. The LCD display monitors engine speed, coolant and hydraulic oil temperatures and the diagnostic error codes. At the push of a button, the operator can select boom/swing priority and power mode settings.
As with all other Hyundai hydraulic excavators, the operator has the option of selecting the power mode appropriate to the job, materials or attachment. The three power modes ensure maximum engine performance, high speed and optimum fuel efficiency. Power mode ensures maximum machine speed and power for maximum productivity. Standard mode provides reduced engine speed for optimum performance and improved fuel economy. Economy mode adapts flow and engine power to specific load conditions for maximum fuel efficiency and controllability.

User mode
Various jobs require varying machine settings and some operators may prefer individual machine settings. User mode allows the operator to customise engine speeds, pump output, idle speed and other machine settings such as hydraulics pressure and volume for the attachments according to personal preferences.
Auto boom/swing priority
This smart function adapts the ideal hydraulic flow balance for boom and swing operation to the application at hand. CAPO monitors the hydraulic functions and continually adapts hydraulic flow to provide maximum performance and productivity. The 120-tonne high-capacity excavator comes with a 7,550 mm mono boom and a 3,400 mm arm.
Operating Specifications R1200-9:
UNITS                            MEASUREMENTS
Operation weight:       118,000 kg
Engine Power:              567 kW / 760 hp (1800 rpm)
Bucket Capacity:          6.70 m³
The air conditioning system on this machine contains the fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant HFC-134a (Global Warming Potential = 1430). The system contains 1,1 kg of refrigerant which has a CO2 equivalent of 1.573 metric tonne.
Photos: HCEE