Five Continents of the World visit Tower Light at Bauma

Italy based, Tower Light Srl, the manufacturer of the world’s largest range of lighting towers has reflected on a highly satisfactory Bauma exhibition.
The giant Bauma construction equipment exhibition was held in Munich, Germany during April 2013 and Tower Light used this internationally recognised event to showcase several of their innovative lighting sets and environmentally positive dust control equipment. Tower Light invited their worldwide distributors, including representatives from Mexico to Japan; whilst Tower Light UK Limited and Tower Light Deutschland greeted visitors from the United Kingdom, Germany and other European countries. During the whole event Tower Light recorded over 300 visitors to their 110 square metre show area. Each guest was given a detailed summary of the features and benefits of the lighting sets and dust suppression machinery that was on display.

The Tower Light display area at Bauma 2013
The range of Tower Light products were showed in both Tower Light Srl and the Tower Light Deutschland booths. In addition, two other stands exhibited Tower Light machinery; the Dutch and French rental giants, Boels and Loxam used Bauma to present plant and equipment from each of their respect rental fleets which included several Tower Light products.
“We were delighted to have received visits from our dealers across all five continents in the world, with many of them bringing along representatives from their customers to introduce them to Tower Light,” said Tower Light’s Alessandro Rossi. “.“We were especially pleased to meet with two big delegations from Japan, courtesy of our Japanese and Russian dealers, that have brought around 70 people to inspect our products – which added up to a very busy few days!” confirmed Alessandro
Tower Light placed their latest development – the very first hybrid (battery/fuel) lighting tower at centre stage. The VT-Hybrid is an environmentally sensitive lighting unit that utilises modern energy saving LED lighting with an advanced battery power systems. As the name suggests, the Tower Light VT- Hybrid features a hybrid battery/diesel system with auto charging technology. The set runs on 90% battery power and 10% fuel. The battery is automatically recharged via a low battery monitor system through the integral 5.0kVA generator, combining 7-hours battery power with 7-hours generator usage. Tower Light reported immediate and keen interest in their LED lighting towers from many of the visitors, who were equally impressed with the facility to illuminate a large working area, whilst at the same time making significant fuel savings. These economies are achievable because LED lamps require considerably less power to work when compared alongside traditional lighting towers.
With health and safety officials throughout world starting to stringently enforce the control of hazardous material on sites, the demand for the dust control units are set grow rapidly.
To meet with this impending challenge DF Ecology, a sister organisation to Tower Light used Bauma to present their new dust suppression unit, the Smart Dustfighter. The Smart Dustfighter is designed to provide outside workers with safe protection from many different kinds of airborne contaminates. The Smart Dustfighter produces a fine mist of water through a series of high-pressure jets; the mist is then propelled onto the site by a powerful fan, rendering the area free from unhealthy and hazardous material. Similar in size to a mini cement mixer, the Smart Dustfighter operates from ordinary mains power, 230V 50 Hz 2.2KW, with an 110v version available for UK construction sites. The Smart Dustfighter delivers a maximum coverage of up to 13-metres through six nylon fan blades fitted to an aluminium hub connected to twelve stainless steel water nozzles.
The manufacturing plant for lighting towers and DF Ecology equipment is based in Villanova d’Ardenghi near Milan from where their products are supported through a strategically created network of worldwide distributors.