Formwork and scaffolding at bauma 2013

More efficient, better organized, safer – and more comprehensive

Formwork and scaffolding are an essential part of building and construction, and the systems on offer are already very highly developed and efficient. Yet, again and again, the manufacturers in this segment keep coming up with new ideas and innovations. And the latest of these will be on show at bauma, the International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment, which takes place from April 15 to 21, 2013 in Munich.
Even more efficient
One of the main drivers of innovation in scaffolding and formwork systems is the need to improve the efficiency of erecting and dismantling operations, especially in wage-intensive markets. Against a background of high cost pressure in the building industry, Peri has announced it will be showcasing new components for its Maximo panel formwork system at the fair in Munich. According to the company, the new components will further increase the range of applications for this already well established formwork system in which the ties are installed from one side only.
Formwork specialist Doka of Maisach has also been improving its formwork systems for flooring. At bauma, the company will be presenting Dokadek 30, a new beamless handset system for panel floor formwork; it is designed as a lightweight steel construction with powder-coated frames and “Xlife” panels. According to Doka, Dokadek 30 is safer and easier to use and faster to set up.
With the development of Evermax, a plastic-composite formwork panel, manufacturer Ulma is aiming at greater durability and higher efficiency. The new formwork panel has a lightweight thermoplastic core. Two reinforcing layers ensure mechanical properties similar to those of plywood. The surface layers, on both sides, deliver a clean finish and easy concrete separation. They are resistant to abrasion and can easily be repaired if damaged. In contrast to plywood panels, Evermax panels take up no moisture, they do not bend and they do not rot.
NOE-Schaltechnik of Süssen is one company that can always be relied upon to present innovations in concrete formwork systems and technology at bauma. This year one of those innovations is the NOEtop stripping corner. This is designed specifically for use in lift shafts, stairwells and buildings with confined working spaces. In developing this product, the manufacturer paid special attention to easy joining and relocation of the stripping corners, without the need to dismantle the inner formwork to do so.

Even better organization

Efficiency also means only having as much formwork and accessories on site as is actually required. It’s also about minimizing the distances the formwork components have to be moved on site – all of course while taking into account safety, formwork planning and timing, and building progress. At bauma 2013, the Paschal Group of Steinach will be presenting its Paschal Plan light software, version 10.0, for formwork planning and site materials management. User-friendly 3D formwork plans can be produced with this software. And it also offers full materials management capability for building yards and the individual building sites. In the new version of the software there is for the first time a Web-based version as well as a local one. Instead of acquiring the server hardware, software licenses and data-security concepts for themselves, the users of the program can simply make use of the Cloud and pay only for those services that are then actually used.
Even safer
As well as efficiency and logistics, safety is still a very important aspect in all operations with formwork and scaffolding. A high percentage of the serious and fatal injuries on building sites result from falls. Even though the German professional indemnity association Berufsgenossenschaft Bau recognizes that accidents in erecting, re-aligning or dismantling scaffolding are generally due not to inadequate material but to organizational errors, the manufacturers still feel obliged to continually examine and further develop their products from the point of view of safety. For example, Friedr. Ischebeck GmbH of Ennepetal has been looking closely at its formwork systems specifically with regard to the aspect of safety. Its modified and new products and solutions will be on show at bauma.

Even more comprehensive

Many manufacturers of scaffolding and formwork systems these days aim to offer their customers a comprehensive range of products and services. One example is Harsco Infrastructure. This global player, which came together in 2010 out of an alliance of the three groups Hünnebeck (Germany), Patent (USA) and SGB (UK), will not only be showcasing technical engineering solutions at bauma 2013. It will also be presenting an extensive range of services, for example in consulting, project development, site logistics, cleaning and repairs, as well as user training.
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