Further key players to attend – Support for bauma Africa overwhelming


As the premier bauma Africa trade fair draws near, the event is receiving an overwhelming amount of support and interest, both locally and internationally, with numbers of visitors and exhibitors rising steadily.

bauma Africa, the International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machines, Mining Machines and Construction Vehicles, takes place at Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg from September 18 to 21, 2013.

Elaine Crewe, CEO of MMI South Africa and bauma Africa, states that “the number of exhibitors has risen to more than 700 over the last few weeks. Furthermore, the number of countries that will be represented at bauma Africa has increased to 38. New exhibitors include companies such as JCB and Desmond Equipment”.

JCB will be bringing an additional attraction with them, the Dancing Diggers, which will be performing in South Africa for the first time. Both these companies, as well as the other exhibitors, will be showcasing the latest technologies, products and services in their industries and sub-sectors.

Visitor pre-registration has also begun, visitors from a total of 69 countries have registered for the show, 31 of these countries are from Africa.

Additional information is available under www.bauma-africa.com

Source: Bauma News Room