To be staged at Zaragoza Exhibition Centre from 1 to 5 April 2014 – SMOPYC 2014, A WINNING SHOW

From 1 to 5 April 2014 SMOPYC will become the industry’s professional showcase, contributing to its development and growth. This 16th International Show of Public Works, Construction and Mining Machinery, to be staged at Zaragoza Exhibition Centre, is set to be a top-ranking event which all of the industry’s stakeholders will attend.
SMOPYC 2014 is the star of the show calendar, bringing together, over a five-day period, companies from all over the world who choose this event as the can’t-miss rendezvous for the construction and public works segment.
ZEC’s exhibition pavilions and the city of Zaragoza offer their services to professionals in this field, staging the industry’s major European show. Time after time, a great number of exhibitors flock to this show to exhibit their products and innovations at this triennial gathering.
Its proven track record and its capacity to align the international market have given SMOPYC a well-earned world reputation, positioning it amongst the best shows in its field. Forty years of professionalism and international management have put SMOPYC at forefront of the trade fair market.
SMOPYC has proved to be a turning point in the industry, providing the best platform for exhibition and sales in the construction, public works and mining industry. Since its beginnings in 1975, this rendezvous held at Zaragoza Exhibition Centre, has always had a highly important feature: it is perfectly adapted to offer exactly what companies require within a totally professional and dynamic framework. All of this has endowed it with a clear leading role.
The event is also backed by the industry’s main associations. Furthermore, within the framework of SMOPYC important encounters and top-level business meetings are scheduled. Along these lines, there is an extensive Trade Mission programme, with visits organized for international buyers as well as other events that take place with Embassies and trade institutions. The objective is to ensure that the show emerges as a centre where purchases and exchanges take place for participating companies.
Zaragoza Exhibition Centre is an excellent setting for exhibiting the products and innovations of the main firms on the international panorama and certainly the involvement of industry’s leading companies is an integral part of SMOPYC.
One of the main features of this show is that cutting-edge companies in the international public works, infrastructures and construction industries are brought together at Zaragoza Exhibition Centre’s facilities.
Over a five-day period, Aragon’s main city becomes the heart of the very latest technologies in machinery and equipment for the construction industry, as well as offering a forum for debate and reflection on issues affecting the industry. It is, without doubt, an ideal site for fostering a dynamic, productive space in which trade encounters, conferences and, naturally, business, take place.

Held in April 2011, the last SMOPYC show was a turning pointing for the market which saw how, within an unfavourable international economic context, this show acted as a stimulus for the worldwide industry thanks to the excellent response of professionals who enjoyed a cutting-edge show that offered guaranteed success.
In total, 34 countries from all five continents were present at Zaragoza Exhibition Centre, participating in this international show and taking the opportunity to launch their state-of-the-art machinery on the market. SMOPYC 2011, just as in the show to be held in 2014, put its faith in internationalisation as a catalyst for the industry.
SMOPYC, featured more than 14,000 square metres of covered areas, added to which was the outside area and demo area bringing the total space at the show up to 300,000 square metre in all.
This is an excellent figure, achieved thanks to the work carried out by the organizing team at Zaragoza Exhibition Centre who intensify their commercial and strategic work to ensure that each new show is a benchmark event in terms of the high quality of exhibitors, in spite of the difficult moment that this industry is experiencing.

The foreign market is, without doubt, the major business commitment for this triennial event. SMOPYC 2011 brought together supply and demand via the implementation of a powerful tool which was a highly efficient technology platform for the world market. The aim of this sixteenth SMOPYC show is to play a key role in opening the way into new markets at the forefront of the activity.
From all indications the coming show, to be staged 1-5 April 2014, will be an event of great relevance for the industry. The presence of leading world companies bringing with them their most outstanding innovations is indicative of the response of exhibitors, who show their absolute support for this foremost show.
Another noteworthy feature of the show is that it has the support and backing of the industry’s most renowned associations which also contributes towards enhancing its image and prestige, as well as an intense programme of conferences, congresses, assemblies and technical talks which make SMOPYC a can’t miss point of encounter for all professionals in the world of public works and construction.
The show is an essential tool for the public and private works segments as well as being key to the development of the industry. For this reason leading brands, shows and companies from all over the world flock to this forum which offers a comprehensive global viewpoint of the market.
The sixteenth SMOPYC show represents a major challenge for the industry since leading representatives of public works and construction machinery will be present at the event.
In short, all those who have something to say in the world of construction, public works , mining and infrastructures in general, have a can’t-miss event in SMOPYC 2014, which will be an international show in which the industry is the true focal point.
From 1 to 5 April of the coming year, the most innovative machines, equipment and systems shall take over the exhibition halls of Zaragoza Exhibition Centre, forming part of the major professional event for this market. Hundreds of companies from all of the sectors and subsectors related to cutting-edge technology and all of the construction, public works and mining machinery industry use SMOPYC to present their full potential to the market.
In this way the International Public Works, Construction and Mining Machinery Show has contributed and continues to contribute to the industry’s national and international visibility.

In the 1970’s, Aragon’s production of public works and construction machinery accounted for 42% of the total production in Spain. This fact, together with the accredited experience of Zaragoza Exhibition Centre in the organisation of professional trade shows, was the starting point of this essential initiative for this industry.
In 1975, this event was initiated as a monographic sector within Zaragoza’s General Trade Fair.
In February of this year the first Public Works and Construction Machinery Show was held. It was enthusiastically acclaimed by manufacturers, technicians and specialised publications alike.
SMOPYC consolidated its position on the international market and forged the firm foundations that make it a fundamental show on the European map.
The UFI (Global Association of The Exhibition Industry) officially approved the event as an international show. SMOPYC grows and with it its business potential.
The prestigious European Committee of Equipment Builders decides to sponsor the show.
For a period of over 30 years SMOPYC has demonstrated its capacity to adapt to its customers’ needs and to the international framework, achieving an optimal position in the European market of top-level shows. This excellent adaptability to customers’ needs led to the decision to stage the show triennially. In the 2005 edition of the show SMOPYC once again occupied an outstanding position on the world scenario of shows in this specialised area.
This was a key year for SMOPYC; its great potential was backed by the large number of exhibitors present at the show, together with the support and presence of trade professionals. Without doubt this was a show to be remembered, and one which revealed the full power of attraction of the event.
The sixteenth show will certainly have a great international repercussion and is set to be an excellent business platform. About to celebrate its 40th anniversary, SMOPYC 2014 will be the industry’s launch pad at international level.
Source: Smopyc News Room