GD555-5 & GD675-5 Komatsu graders

The GD555-5 and GD675-5 graders combine the popular characteristics of the previous Dash 3 series with exciting new features that focus on high performance and fuel efficiency, operator comfort, safety and easy serviceability.
At the heart of the new graders is a powerful, low emission and electronically controlled common rail injection SAA6D107E-1 Komatsu engine. Both machines have a 3 stage Variable Horse Power Control (VHPC) and fuel consumption is lower than on the previous dash 3 models. A selectable work mode gives a choice between “Power” and “Economy”. The “Economy” mode, for easy material handling, grading and spreading loose material, or simply for travelling around the job site, controls engine speed and reduces fuel consumption by up to a significant 20% on the GD675-5. In “Power” mode, the engine gives out peak performance and abilities for maximum production, for driving up slopes with loads or for ditching in hard material.
The Komatsu-developed and manufactured power train further improves performances and lower operation costs, with a new torque converter drive combined with an automatic transmission. This prevents engine stall under heavy work conditions and allows easier, smoother operations at low speed. The combination of lock-up torque converter (Auto Mode) or direct drive (Manual Mode) always promotes the best operation under various load conditions
Komatsu’s new torque converter lock –up system, automatically switches from torque converter mode or direct drive in auto mode to always offer the requested pushing force with the highest fuel efficiency.
Another essential point for graders is excellent blade controllability.
With an extra-short turning radius and ergonomic, low effort controls, the new GD555/GD675-5 graders also include a multifunctional control valve with an exclusive float and PCV (Pilot Check Valve) designed and built by Komatsu specifically for motor graders and for greater controllability and quicker response of the blade. A long wheelbase & large articulation angle make slope cutting easy, and offer a better and easier leveling performance. Larger blade angles let material roll more freely along the blade, reducing blade load and increasing productivity.
For safer and more comfortable operation, visibility of the mouldboard and of the front and the rear of the grader has been greatly improved thanks to a spacious hexagonal cab with wide windows in the doors. Noise levels at operator ear are just 74 dB(A) (ISO 6396), due to the use of Komatsu vibration/sound damping suspension.
The hydraulic driven cooling fan’s reversible function makes radiator cleaning fast and easy. It also reduces noise levels and engine power loss. Refueling is easier and safer as it can now be done from ground level.
KOMTRAX™, Komatsu’s exclusive satellite monitoring system is fitted as standard on Komatsu graders and lets you monitor all the essential information about your Komatsu equipment directly on your computer.
A variety of search parameters are available to precisely determine the status of your KOMTRAX™-equipped machines. You can track them in the field and optimize their output through increased efficiency and pro-active maintenance.
Quick specs:

Komatsu GD555-5 & GD675-5 Graders
GD555-5 GD675-5
Engine power (gross) 146 kW 165 kW
Operating weight 15.135 kg 15.955 kg
Blade length 3,71 m 4,32 m
Overall length 10.365 mm 10.575 mm
Overall height 3.200 mm 3.200 mm
Articulation angle 25° 25°
Standard mouldboard width 3.710 mm 4.320 mm
Optional mouldboard width 4.320 mm 4.320 mm
Maximum lift above ground 480 mm 480 mm
Maximum cutting depth 615 mm 615 mm
Maximum blade angle, right or left 90° 90°
Minimum turning radius 7.3 m 7.4 m
Hydraulic system CLSS CLSS


Source: Komatsu News Room