Hill Engineering secures exclusive Hitch and Bucket deal with MV Kelly.

Newry based Hill Engineering has recently secured a significant deal with Birmingham based civil engineering company MV Kelly to act as sole supplier of Hill TEFRA couplers and bespoke buckets for the company’s fleet of Hitachi excavators.
MV Kelly celebrated 20-years in business in 2015 and made the top 100 UK construction companies (by sales) in a Construction News Report. The company carry out groundworks, road, sewers and associated infrastructure for blue chip housebuilders and has completed over 500 projects since it began in 1995.
MV Kelly’s excavator fleet comprises exclusively of Hitachi and they have in the region of 300 machines. Hitachi has been the firms preferred brand since the company’s inception. “There are four main reasons for purchasing Hitachi” said MV Kelly’s Plant Manager, Doug Curran, “ability, reliability, service and residual value.” The company were seeking similar qualities when they were looking for a new supplier of hitches and buckets to support its Hitachi fleet.
Mr Curran said, “We were recommended to Hill Engineering by Hitachi, who are very familiar with Hill’s ability for quality bespoke engineering. We have specific requirements for our buckets and all are modified to our own specifications.”
Hill Engineering’s technical team flew over to Birmingham to meet M V Kelly’s operational management and operators.
Mr Hill worked from the parameters with his engineers back at the factory in Newry and after some extensive R&D, a solid bucket design was created, which was the perfect design for MV Kelly – this successful modification and the quality of the fabrication secured the deal for Hill Engineering.
Mr Curran reported, “We felt that the standard Hill’s bucket was definitely made from all the right materials, and whilst not fabricated to our requirements, a good starting point. The widths of the buckets that we use are standard, however, the modification entails alteration to both the shape and fabrication structure of the bucket, which is bespoke to our works, as opposed to being generic earthmoving type buckets, that are generally standard issue with these sizes of excavator. In conjunction with our most experienced operators, we modified both the depth and curvature of the buckets, such that we are better able to dig square cut foundations more easily and speed production. Additionally, we altered the wear straps so that they are better spaced and seam welded all the way across to the side plates of the bucket for added strength and longevity. Our capacity has also been increased, again to aid production / cycle times and finally we revised the cutting edges fitted to the grading and smaller digging buckets.”
Hill Engineering Managing Director, Ian Hill commented on the deal, he said “I am delighted that our innovation and tailored service has been recognised by MV Kelly. It reflects our commitment to our clients both locally and globally. Our TEFRA and TITAN product ranges are built with our clients in mind to increase productivity and safety on site. Our unrivalled after sales service also gives our clients the peace of mind that they have chosen to work with the best manufacturer of hitches and buckets on the market.”
The buckets were supplied with Hill’s TEFRA Coupler – this is also a first for MV Kelly and the company’s fleet! “This is the first time we have used the Hill coupler,” reported Mr Curran, “initial reports have been very good. Our operators have reported that the operation (opening and closing) time of the coupler is much quicker than others, and they are a strong and very well made hitch. The design and location of the lifting eye mounted centrally is also perfect for our operations.”
MV Kelly has taken delivery of its first 60 sets of buckets and couplers and a further 100 are on order – the deal is said to be worth in the region of £1.5million.