Hitachi to unveil Zaxis-5 range at Intermat

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) has announced that it will launch its range of Zaxis-5 medium and large excavators at Intermat. Visitors to the international exhibition of equipment, machinery and techniques for the construction and materials industries – held in Paris from Monday 16 to Saturday 21 April – will be able to view three of the new machines.

The HCME stand (number 6 J 042/6 L 042) will feature the ZX250LC-5, ZX290LC-5, ZX350LC-5 and ZX470LCH-5 at the triennial event, which is expected to attract more than 200,000 visitors in 2012. Hitachi will also display: five short-tail mini excavators; four medium Zaxis-3 crawler excavators; three Zaxis-3 medium wheeled excavators; a special application machine; and six compact/medium ZW wheel loaders.
The range of Zaxis-5 models has been developed by the Design Centre at Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (HCM) in Japan. Yusuke Kajita, General Manager of HCM’s Construction Equipment Development Centre, is responsible for the team of 200 engineers behind the new medium excavators (between 10 and 35 tonnes).
“We develop new machines, concepts and specifications in accordance with customer and market requirements,” say Mr Kajita: “For example, the European market demands comfort, efficiency and controllability. I believe that the Zaxis-5 is even more suitable to European requirements than the Zaxis-3. The Zaxis-5 has better fuel efficiency, lower noise levels, excellent comfort and even iPod connectivity.”
After listening to the owners and operators its construction machinery from all over Europe, Hitachi has incorporated a broad selection of beneficial features within the Zaxis-5 range.
Hitachi is dedicated to the sustainability of its new products, particularly for use on urban job sites. Therefore, the Zaxis-5 machines feature: powerful new-generation Isuzu Stage IIIB-compliant engines that deliver higher productivity – with greater fuel efficiency; a muffler filter to help reduce emissions by capturing air pollutants; and auto shutdown to enhance fuel consumption and reduce noise, exhaust emissions and CO².
The host of environmentally friendly features has placed the emphasis firmly on productivity. The Zaxis-5 range sets the benchmark for all-round efficiency with: the TRIAS (medium models) and HIOS IIIB (large models) hydraulic systems that allow faster operation, with lower fuel consumption; an increase of ten per cent for the auto-power boost and auto-power lift to deliver an enhanced level of excavating performance and lifting power; and a reinforced undercarriage and strengthened front attachment for added durability in tough working conditions.
The importance attached to the versatility may be evidenced by the increasing demand for excavators to adapt to the needs of specific job sites and applications. Hitachi has responded by developing: an attachment support system, with 11 modes that can be registered on the monitor for the easy fitment of different attachments; and two auxiliary spools for attachments that require multiple, large volumes of oil flow (medium excavators only).
When it comes to comfort and safety, Hitachi always has the operator in mind. The experience of working with Zaxis-5 excavators is second to none, thanks to: the pressurised and ROPS-compliant cab that prevents the penetration of dust and protects the operator from the potential risks of the job site; the fully adjustable air-suspension seat that minimises fatigue; and expanded legroom from the increased slide range of the seat and more space below the multi-function LCD monitor.
The Zaxis-5 range has been developed with a host of features for easy maintenance, regardless of location, including: a wide range of useful technical information, such as machine status and settings, available for viewing on the multi-function LCD monitor; easy access for cleaning the condenser and radiator, and replacing consumable parts; and the placement of the cooling package in parallel also aids the cleaning process.
Specification tables

Engine rated power 132kW
Operating weight 25,300–27,300kg
Maximum dumping height 7,200mm (at 2.96 arm length)
Maximum digging depth 6,960mm (at 2.96m arm length)
Bucket digging force* 188kN

*At power boost

Engine rated power 140kW
Operating weight 29,100 – 31,000kg
Maximum dumping height 7,330mm (at 3.11m arm length)
Maximum digging depth 7,220mm (at 3.11m arm length)
Bucket digging force* 202kN

*At power boost


Engine rated power 202kW
Operating weight 34,100 – 36,100kg
Maximum dumping height 7,240mm (at 3.20m arm length)
Maximum digging depth 7,380mm (at 3.20m arm length)
Bucket digging force* 246kN

*At power boost

Engine rated power 270kW
Operating weight 48,500–50,400kg
Maximum dumping height 7,650mm (at 3.4m arm length)
Maximum digging depth 7,770mm (at 3.4m arm length)
Bucket digging force* 296kN

*At power boost

Source:  Hitachi News Room