Hot topic – New living space under the roof

Neumünster. – Attic conversion is this year’s special theme of the 59th NordBau (10.-14.09.2014) in Neumünster. At the largest construction compact exhibition in Northern Europe the theme related to energetic rehabilitation of older buildings and creating additional living space under the roof, adresses craftsmen as well as homeowners and housing companies.
At this year’s edition of the specialized fair, the industry sector, roofers and carpenters show how the attic function has changed over time. Increasing construction prices, technical innovations and a changed living consciousness lead many homeowners to realize that the attic may be utilized economically and can be transformed in other rooms or even as a complete additional apartment. Moreover, the building site is practically already there. Therefore, the additional living space obtained is relatively inexpensive. Not least interesting for people with a desire to live in inner cities, and in the vicinity of the workplace. Attic conversion also benefits students in North German cities, who are interested in such student rooms or apartments.
For Alexander Blazek, Chairman of Haus & Grund Schleswig-Holstein, to create additional rooms or even complete apartments in the attic is an interesting topic for the house owners. He sees great design implementation and conversion possibilities, especially in private homes but also for houses in the city. Closely related to this is also a suitable energy-efficient renovation, supported already for years by his organization.
An original attic demonstration will be exhibited in hall 5 together with materials used in attic conversions and what rooming ideas are possible. Also the state association of roofers in Schleswig Holstein as well as the SH Wooden Constructions Center with carpenters will be advising on legal provisions related to fire, heat and sound insulations as well as on the constructions physics aspects that must be conformed to. Of course tips will be given by the industry and the planners and construction elements will be shown, for adequate installations of heat, water and electricity supply.
The hot topic “Living above the city roofs” 2014 is not only for experts of the North German construction trade but is the logical continuation of the past years trending themes, such as “Feel good house”, “Healthy building” or “Build safe-live safe”. Especially in metropolitan areas such as Hamburg or Copenhagen these issues determine existing constructions and are playing an increasing role nationwide. Numerous educational events of the exhibition congress will also address the topic during the fair.
On roughly 69,000 m² outdoor area and over 20,000 m² of hall space the industry platform of the North offers every year space to over 900 exhibitors, in order to present their full range of construction related issues, with modern building materials and elements, powerful construction machinery, urban utility machinery and commercial vehicles for constructions and crafts as well as the latest energy technology.