HVACR Vietnam

HVACR Vietnam 2023: Discover the Latest in HVACR Technology and Innovation

HVACR Vietnam 2023 is bound to be a premier trade fair within the region, specifically focusing on the HVACR industry. This unique event will take place at the International Convention Center (ICE) in Hanoi from July 25th to 27th, 2023. It promises to be a life changing experience being the 15th International trade fair bringing together power players from the HVACR sector for an exclusive chance to network and exchange insight. This, of course, is  to encourage collaboration, stimulate progress, and drive inventions – reinforcing it as a pillar in its HVACR industry.

Key Highlights

This year’s HVACR Vietnam Trade Fair will be an exciting highlight hit! With many state-of-the-art features and up-and-coming trends in the HVACR sector – it’s the place to be. Here are a few show-stopping highlights you won’t want to miss:

Product Showcases: Renowned companies and leading brands in the HVACR sector from Sweden, China, Korea, Uk, and Vietnam will exhibit their latest products and solutions. Attendees will be able to uncover many cutting-edge technology displays that allow for maximum efficiency in HVAC systems, smart thermostats, and eco-friendly fridges. It’s a golden opportunity to discover those must-have solutions for any advanced home setup – don’t miss out!

Technical Workshops: The trade fair will feature informative workshops by industry experts. These workshops will cover various topics, such as :

  • · Achieving Net Zero Targets in Vietnam with Sustainable Cooling organized by Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association (APUEA)
  • · Coping with pandemic and airborne diseases organized by Công ty CP Sản xuất Lọc Khí Việt (VIETFIL)
  • · Key Challenges in Current Air Conditioning Technology organized by the Vietnam Society of Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Engineers (VISRAE)
  • · Industrial Heat Pumps: Energy Savings and Decarbonization by Johnson Controls
  • · Commercial Refrigeration Trend by CKL Corporation
  • · Sustainable Innovative Cooling Technologies for Green Data Center organized by Vietnam Internet Association (VIA)

Attendees can gain valuable insights and stay updated with the latest developments in the field.

Networking Opportunities: HVACR Vietnam 2023 provides an excellent platform for professionals to connect and build meaningful relationships. Engaging with industry peers, experts, and potential business partners can open doors to collaborations and partnerships that drive growth and success.

Industry Insights: The event will host insightful panel discussions and keynote speeches by industry thought leaders. These sessions will delve into topics like energy efficiency, regulatory updates, and future prospects of the HVACR industry. Attendees can gain valuable knowledge and stay ahead of the curve.

Why Attend HVACR Vietnam 2023

Attending HVACR Vietnam, 2023, offers numerous advantages for industry professionals. Here’s why it is important to mark your calendar for this event:

Advertising opportunities: HVACR Vietnam 2023 will create valuable advertising opportunities for exhibitors to help reach out to their intended audiences effectively. So far, the exhibitors have the chance to book a display space and advertise their product. Some of the advertising opportunities include digital, show materials, and onsite advertising.

Updating trends and knowledge from industry experts: The HVACR industry constantly evolves, with new technologies and trends emerging regularly. Once you attend the trade fair, you can stay updated with the latest innovations, products, and practices. This knowledge will give you a competitive edge and help you make informed decisions for your business.

Networking Opportunities: The trade fair provides an ideal platform for networking with industry experts, suppliers, and potential clients. This three days-event also creates chances for relationships warm-up with existing customers & partners cost-effectively and time-efficiently. 

Positioning and Enhancing Brand Recognition: Don’t be left out among the top international & local brands in the HVACR industry at the show. There are plenty of opportunities for your company to position & enhance brand recognition during the show. HVACR Vietnam 2023 brings together a diverse range of industry professionals, creating a conducive environment for business expansion. Whether you want to explore new markets, find distribution channels, or expand your customer base, the event offers ample opportunities to connect with the right partners.


Embrace the future of HVACR at HVACR Vietnam 2023! This incredible trade fair is a must-attend event for professionals looking to stay ahead of the industry curve. With its comprehensive platform, invaluable insights, and great features, you’ll get the chance to explore all the hottest trends and technologies. So, don’t let this fantastic event pass you by – mark your calendar now so you don’t miss out on being part of something truly special that promises to define our industry’s future!