Hyundai – fastest growing construction equipment company in the UK

Hyundai is now the fastest growing construction equipment company in the UK – setting sights on another European record.
Hyundai construction equipment
Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe have been increasing their market share in the UK year on year since its construction equipment first arrived in the UK from South Korea some 15-years ago. Hyundai is now the fastest growing construction equipment company in the UK! This month (October) Hyundai reported machines released to the UK and Irish market reached 1000 units in one year (to date) – another European record broken for the company. For the same period in 2013 Hyundai released 782 machines to the market – therefore there has been an increase of 218 machines.
HHIE’s sales director construction equipment, Alain Worp, said, “For next Year and beyond the primary target remains to further increase all European market shares in all machine segments we are covering especially in the key countries UK, Germany and France which, at the moment represent about 70% of the total European potential.”
Worp added, “Hyundai is a growing brand all over Europe but especially in the UK we have done very well. The challenge ahead is to continue this growth path with our existing Hyundai dealers in the UK and strengthen and grow our dealer network throughout Europe and enhance and widen our product portfolio.”
Worp concluded, “Hyundai’s key strengths lie in the quality of its machines, our significant investment in R&D, innovation and a highly competitive price, which our competitors are unable to match.”
This news follows news from CECE where a report has revealed that the UK is the best performing construction equipment market in Europe.
In the UK earthmoving equipment sales grew by 44% in the first half of this year compared to the same period a year before.
Hyundai say its distribution and logistics chain has been fine tuned to meet the demand for its machines. Once in the UK, the machines are stored at its Tilbury depot – ready for a speedy distribution to its dealers. At the Hyundai UK head office in Bracknell, an after sales team is on hand to support dealers and their customers.
The UK has set the benchmark in Europe for standards therefore Hyundai machines are field tested in the UK before the final machine goes into production – efficiency, operator comfort and flexibility are the keys to Hyundai’s CE division’s success – visit for more information.