International Autumn 2011 Exhibitions in Azerbaijan

International exhibitions in Azerbaijan traditionally start in September. Iteca Caspian and its partner, the British ITE Group Plc, have scheduled eleven exhibitions to start this autumn, including the debut of the Caspian: Technologies for the Environment (CTE) International Exhibition and Conference which focuses on the topic of environmental protection. The positive trend in the exhibitions is the fact that more and more companies are participating in the Innovation Zone at the exhibitions, with the intention of unveiling new products during the exhibitions, which represent a unique marketing tool.
One of the distinctive features of this autumn’s exhibitions is the steady rate of growth, which exceeds 20%. This rate of growth is a result of the favourable economic situation in Azerbaijan, the unique format of the exhibitions organized by Iteca Caspian, and the strong network of international offices and agents that assist in attracting international companies to the exhibitions. Another key to the success of the exhibitions is that all the autumn exhibitions are held under the auspices of government agencies. A number of major autumn exhibitions, such as BIHE, BakuBuild and BakuTel have received the “UFI” award from the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry for five consecutive years. This award is widely recognized as evidence of the quality of an exhibition and confirmation of the statistics claimed by the exhibition organizers.
The calendar of exhibitions in Baku will start with the 17th International Healthcare Exhibition, BIHE. Between the 13 and 15 September, Baku will become an important meeting place for the representatives of government organizations, the manufacturers of medical equipment and products, medical practitioners and specialists from health industry. It is expected that this year’s exhibition will be attended by over 100 companies from 13 countries, including Azerbaijan, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Turkey and the Ukraine. The Bavarian National Group has had its own stand for two consecutive years. BIHE will present a wide range of medical goods and services: medical and laboratory equipment, pharmaceuticals, supplies, hygienic accommodation and much more. There will also be a Medical Treatment Abroad sector at the exhibition. The exhibition is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic and the Azerbaijan Stomatological Association (ASA).
Alongside BIHE, the 6th International Stomatology Exhibition will be held and will offer dental equipment, supplies and much more. Within the framework of the exhibition, innovations in the field of dentistry, including the 3D topographer produced in Germany, will be demonstrated.
The International Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine Exhibition, Beauty Azerbaijan 2011, which celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, has greatly expanded its exhibition space. Over recent years the exhibition has acquired status as an annual professional forum for specialists in the beauty industry and for the consumers of its goods and services. The exhibition, which will be held simultaneously with the BIHE exhibition, will be attended by companies from Azerbaijan, Germany, Canada, China, Russia and Turkey. Beauty Azerbaijan 2011 will offer a wide range of professional cosmetics, body and hair care products, equipment for beauty salons, materials for nail care, products for mesotherapy and much more. This year, for the first time, the exhibition will offer collagen cosmetics and express tooth whitening systems.
The exhibition season will continue with the 5th Anniversary International Education & Career Exhibition, which will be held during 6-8 October, with the assistance of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic. The main emphasis will be placed on higher education and the improvement of the language skills sectors, which are both subjects, intended for audiences over the age of 16. The variety of university programmes, the opportunities for bachelors to acquire Masters degrees and for masters graduates to acquire PHDs, summer schools and language courses will form the key features of the exhibition. The national stands from Belarus, Britain, Cyprus, Lithuania and Turkey are distinguished among the exhibitors by the number of companies they represent. Educational institutions and organizations from Azerbaijan, Dubai, Canada and Switzerland will also participate in the exhibition.
Continuing through the calendar, the international BakuBuild construction exhibition, the largest in the Caspian and Caucasus regions, will then take the baton from 19-22 October. This year’s exhibition will break all records for the 40% growth in its exhibition area. Two months prior to the launch of the exhibition, the organizers have announced that 90% of the exhibition area has been allocated. Over 300 companies from Azerbaijan, Greece, Korea, Poland, UAE, Russia, Turkey, the Ukraine and other countries will participate in BakuBuild 2011. According to tradition, alongside individual stands, group displays will feature from Germany, Italy, Finland and Iran. It will be the first time a national group representing Portugal has attended an Azerbaijani exhibition. A large proportion of the space will be occupied by Turkish manufacturers, while local companies will make up 35% of the exhibitors. BakuBuild will showcase a vast range of construction equipment, finishing and facing materials, sanitaryware, equipment for the manufacturing of windows and much more. The distinguishing feature of this year’s exhibition will be that a large percentage of the exhibition will be focused on construction materials and equipment manufactured with the use of innovative technologies. BakuBuild is supported by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture and the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan Republic.
The 8th Caspian International Furniture, Interiors and Design Exhibition, MebelExpo, will be accommodated alongside the construction exhibition and will display interior finishing and design solutions, wallpapers, home textiles, lighting devices and mirrors and crystal items, among many others.
Baku AquaTherm exhibition, i.e. the 3rd International Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Water Supply, Sanitary, Environmental Technology, Swimming Pools, and Renewable Energy Exhibition, will also take place at the same time as BakuBuild. This exhibition is gaining popularity among foreign manufacturers of HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitation and water supply) products. As a result, this year’s Baku AquaTherm will bring together more than 60 companies from 12 countries, including Azerbaijan, Italy, Russia, Turkey, the Ukraine and Sweden and will be accommodated in the second exhibition space at Baku Expo Center. The exhibition space occupied by participants has increased by 30% from last year.
The 4th Caspian International Protection, Security and Rescue Exhibition, CIPS, moves to a new date this year, running in parallel with BakuBuild on 19-22 October. This change was made at the request of the exhibitors and has had a positive impact on the project. This year’s exhibition will be distinguished by the demonstration of the latest developments in the production of highly intelligent protection tools. The exhibitors will be manufacturers of security systems, CCTV, access control systems, object monitoring, fire safety systems and other similar products. Kaba Security (Germany), Elfor (Italy), Bosch Security (Netherlands), Biostream Axxonsoft (UAE), SFFECO (UAE), SIEZA (Czech Republic) and others are among the brands that have booked exhibition spaces. This year Sony will exhibit at CIPS for the first time. The exhibition programme will be enriched with informative presentations and workshops from leading manufacturers in the security industry.
The new Caspian: Technology for the Environment (CTE) International Exhibition and Conference on the topic of environmental protection will commence on 2-4 November. The constant attention paid by the country’s leadership to environmental issues, and the announcement of 2010 as the national “Year of the Environment” gave a strong impetus to the work being done towards improving the environment; major projects have been and are being successfully implemented in this area. The relevance of this topic has resulted in the implementation of the CTE exhibition and, in spite of the fact that this is its debut year, a good selection of participants have already signed up, including national delegations from Germany and Latvia. Other participants include companies from Azerbaijan, Israel, France, the USA and Turkey. Exhibition visitors will get a chance to see proposals and projects which make efficient use of natural resources, alternative and renewable energy, as well as the latest equipment and technologies in this field. The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Republic, which will also take part in the exhibition with its own stand.
The exhibition season will finish with one of the major events in ICT, the 17th International Telecommunications and Information Technology Exhibition and Conference, BakuTel, which will be held on 23-26 November with the active support of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technologies. The general sponsor of this year’s exhibition is Microsoft Corporation. The exhibition is expected to be attended by over 100 companies from 15 countries worldwide. The exposition will include recent developments in ICT sector. The latest automatic control systems (SON), software, servicing equipment for satellite communications, TV and radio broadcasting equipment and technology, banking technologies and services and much more will take their places in the catalogue of innovations. The exhibition will not only serve as a platform for the demonstration of new products and for the formation of new contracts, but will also be an excellent opportunity for technological communication. For example, the exhibition’s strong business programme includes forums, seminars and presentations, as well as the traditional BakuTel conference. This conference annually accompanies the exhibition and is organized by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan Republic. For a closer acquaintance with the programme and participants at the conference, please follow the advance advertising published on the official website.
All the exhibitions run by Iteca Caspian will be held at the modern Baku Expo Center, and entrance to the exhibitions is free. Those wishing to attend the exhibition are offered comfortable buses which provide complimentary two-way transportation for exhibition visitors.
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