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K3 nb08 14 09 0536

NordBau 2011 – „No reasons for whining in the construction industry”

Once the 56th NordBau will open it’s gates in Neumünster (08 -13. 09. 2011) one thing will be clear: the construction industry has nothing to whine about this year. This statement of the new president of the Association of German Construction Industry, Prof. Thomas Bauer, will reflect all over the fairgrounds and in the halls of the largest specialized constructions fair in Northern Germany.

„Future energy – renovation, insulation, heating systems” and latest engine technology for construction equipment are this years main topics. How this is implemented in practice will be shown by the over 900 exhibitors in the long ago booked out, by now traditional, fair. For the managing director of Holstenhallen, Dirk Iwersen, this is another proof that Northern Germany, with major projects such as construction of wind turbines on the coast, the Fehmarn Belt Bridge or the container terminal in Wilhelmshaven, becomes a strong region in the field of construction. Iwersen: „ This also includes building new power lines and insulation of buildings. Residential construction too – even though differing regionally – is currently in revival. Also commercial constructions are in growth.

Besides the new buildings, the exhibitors at NordBau show how important energy efficiency of the housing stock is. In this way, visitors of the exhibition find out how, using appropriate building materials, a high level of comfort and a healthy climate can be achieved in old buildings.

This year’s edition will continue the trend of the previous editions: as more and more owners want to become independent of oil or gas, eco-homes are on the rise. Brick, as a building material for facades and walls with interior insulation are only one example of economic and energy-efficient construction. Also the lime industry and the roof tiles manufacturers, will respond to this topic with a variety of products.

The central information point “Building, living, heating the future” expects many visitors for advice on innovative and energy saving solutions. Experts will answer questions about new construction, renovation, insulation and heating. Also the special show of the Danish exhibitors referring to “Energy efficiency in buildings”, presents technologies and solutions for the use of renewable energies, already dominating the construction market of the northern neighbor.

All segments of the exhibition are touched by the notion of sustainability. Planning, design and management are at the focal point of attention. The subject is also discussed at various events in the program. In this sense, the response of construction materials industry to the needs of construction companies and not ultimately of the real estate industry, should become clear. In this way, more and more developers want to invest in the future, to preserve and grow the value of property. For the managing director Iweresen, this is one of the main issues of the specialized exhibition in Neumünster. “That these topics are not only slogans is proven by the products shown to the public as appealing as possible. They are a response to the demands of most builders, in the sense proven at previous editions of the exhibition, for a sustainable, energy saving home. One could look forward to the proposals of the brick manufactures. He introduced the energy efficient volcano stone (perlite) filled bricks, as top products. Due to this ecological heat core it is possible that houses will require up to 50% less energy. “Bricks and clinkers remain among the most important topics at the NordBau”, said Iwersan.

Source: http://www.nordbau.de/