The Middle East Prefabrication and Modular Construction Summit 2016
16- 17 Feb 2016 | Hotel Conrad, Dubai

Sean McQue was interviewed by the team at Information Exchange Group ahead of their upcoming event The Middle East Prefabrication and Modular Construction Summit 2016.
How do you see the changes in construction module through Prefabrication and Modular Construction methodologies taking the profit chart of ALEC northwards?
The whole intention of introducing modular construction methodologies in construction projects is to make construction quicker and more efficient. These benefits should be shared by both the developers / clients as well as the contractors in a win / win arrangement. These efficiencies should translate in increased returns for both the client and the contractor.
Expansive use of said methods proves that it has a list of benefits to itself? However, what are the challenges in specific being faced by using prefabrication and modular construction vis-à-vis traditional construction?
The project managers have their share of challenges while working on the projects using prefabrication and modular construction. For instance, incomplete design can result in a need for changes during the life of the project. Client changes can also lead to disruption in the project delivery schedule. Any works planned as modular or off-site that are affected by such changes can result in huge abortive costs and lost time. These effects are less of an issue in traditional construction.
What should the delegates expect from your case study at the summit?
I will address the lifespan of a typical project and the stage at which modular construction should be introduced and how it should be managed in order to properly benefit from the advantages for which it is intended. I have an example of a project I worked on where we attempted to use Modular MEP installation and, due to the late introduction of the concept and the design not being adequately progressed, all the anticipated benefits of modular construction were lost and ended up costing excess money and affected the timeline of the project.