J.C. Jung appointed as new CEO for Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe, located in Geel, Belgium has a new Chief Executive Mr J.C. Jung who fills the shoes of the former CEO and recently promoted Mr S.G. Rhee, who will return to Hyundai Heavy Industries Korea.
Mr J.C. Jung, formerly global sales director Forklifts in Korea, has now been promoted to CEO of the European headquarters of Hyundai Heavy Industries. Mr Jung began his career as an Industrial engineer at Hyundai, following 10-years with the company, he then moved to the sales department where he has been responsible for sales of construction equipment and forklifts. As the newly appointed CEO, he is now responsible for both Hyundai forklifts and the Hyundai construction equipment operation in the whole of Europe.
Global launch new Tier4/Stage4 machines
One of the first assignments for Mr Jung will be to successfully launch the new Tier4/Stage4 compliant range of Hyundai excavators, wheel loaders and forklift trucks into the European market. With Intermat 2015 exhibition looming, Europe will be the first territory to launch the new Series of machines. Hyundai say that the new Series will feature far more than just engine upgrades – so watch this space as more details are revealed leading up to the Paris event!
Maintain a stable European dealer network.
The key to its success in Europe and notably the UK is that Hyundai provides its customers with a good product for a reasonable price – delivered by professional dealers offering a reliable service. Mr Jung said, “Our product development teams at HQ take care of the product and the cost price, but in Europe we are ultimately responsible for the dealer network.” “A healthy dealer network is a key driver for success. And a healthy dealer network means recruiting new dealers for uncovered areas and supporting existing dealers. At HHIE they see that some of the Hyundai dealers have reached the limits of their potential. ”We need to bring those dealers to a higher level, but we can only do that together”.
Growing towards a sustainable market share and beyond.
“In Europe some potential customers have strong brand preferences, and although Europe is a highly competitive, saturated market even their growth can be realized for a relatively new Brand like Hyundai. Mr Jung concluded, “Some of the strong points of our machines are the ease of operation for Operators and the standard 2-years warranty. The best way to sell our machines is to let the customer and operator experience the machines for themselves.”