Job Seekers Invited to Northern British Columbia Resources Expo

Prince George, BC- The Canada North Resources Expo (CNRE) is coming to Prince George on May 31 through June 1st at the CN Centre. Aside from showcasing the infrastructure and construction equipment needed for the booming Northern Canada Resources projects, employers will be on the hunt for new talent to get these projects done on time and on budget.
The ‘Recruiting Here’ feature’ is shaping up nicely for this event as several firms are participating and are identified on the website and will have signage at their booth indicating that they are accepting resumes at their companies.
The timing for this could not be better. British Columbia has a large list of ongoing and planned resource development projects in mining, pipelines, LNG plants and electrical power generation and transmission. The list includes projects with planned start dates in 2017 and with completion dates that extend beyond the 2013-2021 outlook period,
Project plans extend far into the future and would retain a large skilled workforce with many having to come in from outside the provincial industry.
More than 10,000 jobs will be added in non-residential construction, with many of these jobs on resource projects. Companies will be on the lookout for the following trades and occupations:

  • · Boilermakers
  • · Contractors and supervisors
  • · Bricklayers
  • · Gasfitters
  • · Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics
  • · Ironworkers


  • · Plumbers
  • · Sheet metal workers
  • · Steam fitters and pipefitters
  • · Welders
  • · Ironworkers
  • · Truck Drivers
  • · Heavy Equipment Operators
  • · And other related industries


There is similar potential for mobility across industries. In, BC, skilled labour requirements for the new shipbuilding industry will compete with construction. It is likely that several trades and occupation will be in high demand for the new government contracts and many would be drawn from the construction industry.
Source: Construction Sector Council Report
Growing labour demands in “centre of resource construction” often in remote northern locations, are creating a unique and mobile skilled workforce that includes many from the provinces key labour pool but more workers are needed. Industry is looking to fill these positions NOW.
The CNRE will attract decision makers from all over British Columbia, Alberta and beyond. Day two of the event will be the Future of the Industry Day where industry people will be encouraged to bring their families to the CNRE. This will enable them to introduce and educate the next generation to these thriving industries and possible career choices. Anyone who purchases a regular admission ($10.00) on this day or have pre-registered will receive free entry for their families.
To celebrate the launch of this event, we encourage visitors to pre-register in advance on our website. The benefits include receiving half price off the cost of admission at the gate. Doing this will also ensure speedy entry into the event and will keep visitors up to date on all the latest happenings with this event.
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