HUB 2012 Umschlag 1
HUB 2012 Umschlag 1

LECTURA GUIDE Aerial Work Platforms 2012

8 languages in one guide
The new LECTURA guide „Aerial Work Platforms“ beams in a new splendor!
The popular “little blue book” has grown-up! Newly formatted and in eight languages it still provides all relevant data for a well-founded valuation of used machinery.
21 different kinds of machines; 4.440 machine types; 121 manufacturers; more than 35.000 prices!
Aerial work platforms are getting more and more versatile. They are able to accomplish today what couldn’t be imagined a few years ago.
When it came to the interior fittings of e.g. a hall, you couldn’t do without costly scaffolding. Nowadays a self-propelled scissor lift with a big working platform makes scaffolding redundant and even allows far more flexible and effective working.
If you wanted to move in or out of upper floors, the removal men had to spend a great deal of effort in carrying all furniture downstairs and upstairs. Today, a truck-mounted telehandler can easily lift furniture passed through the window to the furniture lorry.
These are only a few examples out of many possibilities.
Besides technical data the guide shows all prices as new and prices of used machines of the previous 18 years. The data is available as book and via online access – 24 by 7 – 365 days a year!
Realizing the changes in the aerial work platforms industry, where more and more companies are also interested in telehandlers, LECTURA reacted promptly and now offers a combined online product with aerial work platforms and telehandlers together in one group.