LECTURA Guide for civil engineering related machinery and equipment has now been updated!

More and more manufacturers of construction machinery are pushing into the European market, especially companies from Eastern Europe and China.

LECTURA offers a comprehensive orientation guide for the appraisal of civil engineering machinery and equipment. Whether they need more information about a used hydraulic-chipper, a concrete pump, a joint cutter or a vibrating plate, with the LECTURA valuation software you receive a reliable assessment value close to the market.

With technical data of  11.458 machine types from 162 manufacturers, prices for new equipment and an orientation of the trade-in value for the past 17 years, you being a user,  have access to a mass of data.

Furthermore, you can evaluate machines individually by entering the exact year of construction, the useage or hours of operation as the case may be, or optional accessories. The system calculates the purchase price and market value of these machines.

The updated orientation software for civil engineering machinery and equipment can be obtained from immediate effect by means of online access or CD-ROM.

Order this valuable tool by the 15th August 2011 for 12 months and you receive a LECTURA-Guide for construction machinery free of charge in book-form.

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