Lynch Plant Hire and Haulage training supported by Xwatch

Lynch believes that the right training and familiarisation on all types of plant that the company supply is key to the company and the wider industry’s future. Ensuring that Lynch customers’ sites are safe, and personnel remains injury-free, is pivotal for everyone involved in construction projects.

Xwatch PressLynch benefits from a dedicated training centre in Brampton Cambridgeshire, where existing operators and trainees receive one-to-one training from seasoned and highly skilled instructors on a variety of core equipment to prepare them for the demands of the digital construction worksite. The Lynch training team consists of eight trainers, across the UK, headed up by Gez Bonner. Advanced operator training is also part of the school’s ‘curriculum’ as is GPS and machine control training.

The latest machine to join the Lynch training school is a Hitachi ZX135US 16 tonne reduced tailswing crawler excavator. Xwatch Safety Solutions has recently installed an XW5 series RCI to the machine to bring operators and trainees up to speed with all the functions of the rated capacity indicator.

The Xwatch XW5 is the only system with overload, height and slew limitation that is controlled by using proportional soft-stop hydraulic valves that come as standard. The virtual wall function also comes at standard with the XW5. The simplicity of this system enables the instructor to train the operator to master the use of the XW5 in a very short space of time.

Chris Kent NVQ Plant Assessor at Lynch recently hosted Dan Leaney Sales & Operations Director, Xwatch Safety Systems, who visited the Brampton site to provide Xwatch ‘system familiarisation’ for the instructors. Chris said, “We like the Xwatch XW5 system as the virtual wall is included in the base price and is not an added extra. The system is also smoother on slow-down and pre-empts limits sooner than other RCI’s on the market. Familiarising our instructors with the system with the manufacturer is an important part of the training process so we can maximise the time with all of our operators.”

Dan said, “We were delighted to support Lynch in supplying an XW5 system for the training centre. The vast majority of large infrastructure projects, such as HS2, will have machines working with this system, so it’s important that the operator is fully up to speed with the functions of the RCI. Everyone deserves to go home safe and understanding the importance of height, slew, and load capacity on a busy jobsite keeps the operator and site personnel free from harm. Lynch pride themselves in providing the best operators and we are proud to be a part of that.”


Dan added, “Chris and the team at Lynch gave us a very welcoming reception, and familiarising the training team went very well. I was particularly pleased with the positive response from the instructors on the Xwatch system – it’s always encouraging to receive good feedback from professionals.”

Chris Gill, Director at L Lynch Plant Hire added, “ We currently have Xwatch systems installed a number of our machines in our fleet ranging from 5 tonne up to 25-tonne excavators, we also have a system fitted to a 9m telehandler. We also looking at further installations this year for our growing fleet. Safety is our priority at Lynch and we are very proud of the training we offer to provide our sector with the very best operators.”

Source: Lynch Plant Hire and Xwatch Press