Lynch Plant Hire continues to invest in Hill Engineering – the perfect partnership!

Lynch Plant Hire have been successfully working with, County Down based, Hill Engineering for many years and the synergy between the two companies continues to grow.

Lynch is committed to major investment in the very latest equipment and safety is a priority, which is why Lynch continue to invest in Hill’s products, including the recently launched Award Winning TEFRA Coupler.

“When the dual locking quick hitch system was introduced we investigated what products were available on the market, after looking at other manufacturers, we chose to work with Hill Engineering,” said Merrill Lynch, operations director at Lynch Plant Hire. “Hill’s range of quick couplers were tried and tested and were what we believed to be the safest and best-engineered quick hitch available. Hill is a pioneering and forward thinking company and continues to improve its products year on year – always ahead of the game in terms of innovation and technology.”
“Our customers such as Bam Nuttall and Skanska demand the highest standards in safety and that is what we get from Hill – their mission statement is in line with ours and ‘Safety and Innovation’ is at forefront of their business, which is why it’s the perfect partnership.”
“Hill Engineering is also active in helping us with ‘Quick Hitch Training’ and work with our own operators. They also participate in our ‘Quick Hitch Safety Road Shows’, where we have visited almost 60 construction sites to provide operator training and issue a Quick Hitch Safety Card.”
Jarlath Gilmore sales director of Hill Engineering, said: “As a leading quick hitch, bucket and excavator attachment manufacturer, we share Lynch Plant Hire’s dedication to improving safety on the UK’s construction sites and have hesitation in participating in the road shows to ensure the proper use and maintenance of our hitches.”
Lynch added, “We believe that Hill’s TEFRA next generation quick hitches are the safest on the market today and definitely the first choice for Lynch Plant! It’s not just us that think that either – the TEFRA won two PLANTWORX Innovation Awards, one for Engineering and the other for Safety.”
The safety systems in the TEFRA eliminate one of the most dangerous aspects of handling attachments, which is the risk of attachments coming away completely. Hill Engineering has solved this by using a positive locking system rather than a gravity locking system, making the crucial safety feature ‘active’ and not ‘passive’ in the way it works.
Completely manufactured in the UK, the TEFRA components are cast,which means its lower in weight and higher in strength. The TEFRA fits excavators from 3 to 120 tons and is fully compliant with expected forthcoming legislation.
Jarlath Gilmore said, “The TEFRA is at least two years ahead of its time, making it the safest coupler on the market today.”
Lynch Plant Hire is also the first company to trial Hill Engineering’s External Coupler Sounder (ECS) and has initially committed to 150 units. The ECS system is an external alarm which activates when a machine operator releases the bucket from the Quick Hitch and is deactivated once the bucket it reattached. This system is a state-of-the-art safety device which makes all surrounding site personnel know to keep clear of the machine.
“We are working closely with Hill on the ECS system and listening to feedback from Bam Nuttall, Skanska and Crossrail,” concluded Lynch.
Ian Hill, Hill managing director , said, “ It has been a great opportunity for us to work with Lynch Plant Hire and we appreciate their complete confidence, not only in the integrity of the TEFRA product but also in the excellent support network that comes with it”
Source: Hill Engineering News Room