MaskinExpo in Stockholm did it again

maskinexpo outdoor expo
Stockholm-based MaskinExpo, Scandinavia’s #1 exhibition for Building and Construction machinery, increased last years numbers and attracted 22 185 visitors and 404 exhibitors.
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A new area for test driving, ATV track, test track for trucks and a huge area for digging were some of the new attractions. 133 new products were launched and among the ”hottest” news were Czech terrain truck Tatra, tilt rotators and full hybrid technology Tigon from Huddig.
Insemoso launched an innovation for tunnel grouting and were thrilled by the response at the show. Mercedes invited visitors to test drive new trucks, an offer that was accepted by more than 500 interested drivers.
maskinexpo liebherr
Over 22 000 visitors and 400 exhibitors met and did business at MaskinExpo 2015.
Organizers were hoping for 25 000 visitors, without the rainy weather they could very well have reached their goal.
New areas for testing ATV:s, trucks and excavators were an immediate success. ATV-exhibitors report that 350 people tested fourwheelers and Mercedes had 500 test drivers at their track and had to bring in two extra trucks for all drivers wanting to test the two kilometres test track.
maskinexpo sweden
Tigon, Huddig and Tatra topped the 133 new products
404 exhibitors and 22.185 visitors, this years numbers were great for MaskinExpo.
After a sunny Thursday and Friday, heavy rains fell on Saturday. Thursday and Friday MaskinExpo had more visitors than on the same days in 2014 and without the gloomy weather forecast the exhibition would probably have reached the 25.000 visitiors the organizers were hoping for.
A high number of new products, 133 in all, were presented at MaskinExpo. Among the highlights were Czech all terrain truck Tatra, new tilt rotators, OneDig´s machine control system and the show´s main attraction – Huddig´s concept machine based on the full hybrid technology ”Tigon”. Tigon delivers everything from enhanced terrain driving capabilities, better effect, lower fuel consumption and a more quiet machine, to minimized emissions. All in all visitors were positive and commented ”this is the technology of the future”.
MaskinExpo has been arranged since 1983 and is Scandinavia’s largest exhibition for building and construction machinery. The preparations have already started for MaskinExpo 2016, May 26-28 at STOXA, ten minutes from Stockholm/Arlanda Airport.