Mawev Show- The trade fair for construction machines


In the area of construction machines there are several events, activities and trade fairs. Though, there is no other trade fair to enthuse visitors, specialists, sales people, tradesmen and fans of large construction machines, such as the MAWEV show.
The Fair in the business park Enns / Hafen, Austria, invites its target public as with March 21st until March 24th 2012, to view the most modern construction materials and machines. From the construction specialist to contractor and architect or engineer, this is a meeting point for all those with passion and interest in construction machines.

What will MAWEV offer?

Primarily, there are the most recent developments in construction machines industry; whether vehicles or machinery, tools or presentation shows of international producers. The MAWEV show thrills all over again and again at a particularly high level. Aside from the conventional exhibition, where producers and exhibitors show their products and machinery on the large site, the event is hosting regular presentations and demonstrations. This is where drivers show what exactly is laying inside the mighty giants; this is where twists happen easily. Moreover, of course, there is also the power and the strength to be set up impressively, aside from the structural benefits.

Insiders frequent the fair with ever growing enthusiasm. Such as, the 2009 edition, when the fair took place last time, there were over 30,000 trade visitors to the site. In 2012, there are more then 250 exhibitors exhibiting their products. Moreover, many producers and traders and insiders will be available for questions. Also, there are discussion groups and forums planned, in which all visitors are welcome to participate actively. Specialty details will be discussed and cleared on the spot. Visitors will have the possibility to run clarifying discussions in personal conversations with manufacturers’ representatives.

This year there will be an overall more then 1000 machines and vehicles on display. The special feature of the MAWEV show is that here the audience can not only see the machines, they partly can also try them out and test how dexterous they are in handling the giants and turbo chargers.

Many construction or structural works would not be feasible nowadays without the most modern techniques. In addition to the latest developments, it is also the speed with which machines are able to perform their activities, that matters. By use of computerized techniques it is now possible to perform very fine; that is in an area of detail ranging within millimeters.

MAWEV is the almost ideal circumstance to present adequately these impressive steps forward of the construction sector. The event provides both a platform for the exhibitors as well as a point of reference for the public. The organizing team of the 2009 edition has succeeded very well interlinking both these components. Also this year the reaction to these experiences will be accordingly, in order to carry out the planning of the show at a high level.

Another impressive fact is related to this show, since there is no other international construction trade fair where the exhibitors would emphasize as much the high quality of the visitors and spectators. In 2009 a survey was conducted under all exhibitors. The majority of respondents expressed rather positively on the good organization and the top level audience. Since the construction show addresses mainly to a specialized audience, this a factor noticed as positive both by exhibitors and visitors.

Since almost 20% of the visitors of the 2009 edition have traveled to MAWEV from abroad, the organizers decided to give more importance to the international orientation of the event, for the 2012 edition. For, a 20% ratio in international guests of the fair is a very good section, serving as an incentive to orient the event even more internationally. Obviously, the interest in an international construction fair is especially high.

Several factors that already showed positive in the past play an important role here. Because Messe Graz, as an organization, is involved more than usual with the MAWEV Show, a fact that was recognized and highlighted both by exhibitors and visitors. No other trade fair in this field offers the possibility of such variety and density of specialists. The good schedule structure, as well as the arrangement and placement of each exhibitor are worked trough in detail. Only by such performance, before and during the event, it is possible to run the show at such a high level. The off stream efforts did apparently pay off, since also this year there are more then 250 exhibitors interested to be part of the show. The afflux of visitors will certainly increase, this year yet, since in 2012 too there will be the most advanced developments in the industry and the personal contact, making all the difference. The mega show will present an important segment of the international construction arena, a place to exhibit companies, machines and vehicles; a gain for producers, dealers and service teams. There will be the opportunity to interact directly with customers, to build personal contacts and show the many subtleties and facets of the machines. Moreover, all experts are there to answer any questions, to immediately provide the perfect solution for any problems and to provide professional assistance. More than once, some of the monstrous construction giants are being sold on the spot.

The last edition showed to the organizers that the interval from Wednesday to Saturday has an especially positive impact on the public. This would attract significantly more visitors to the exhibition, than has been the case with previous editions. Thus, the interval Wednesday to Saturday is kept also this year, in order to attract an as field expert public as possible.

More information on exhibitors and the event schedule are available on the website of the MAWEV show. Admission as is also this year free, eliminating the need for prior ticket booking. On opening day, there might be waiting time.


Leoni D. Unfried


Translation: Ioana Giurgiuman