TeCobI Expo opens 2012 heated by the growth forecast for the construction and real estate finance market

In June this year, Clarion-Quartier will be holding in São Paulo the first edition of TeCobI Expo, the only trade show in the civil construction market to be exclusive for the segment of roofing, roof covers, and waterproofing.
The international crisis is not reaching the Brazilian civil construction sector. That is the conclusion of the Brazilian Chamber of the Civil Construction Industry (CBIC), which, on the contrary, suggests that the sector will stand out in the economy once again. To get an idea, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of construction is expected to grow by another 5% in 2012, while the Country’s GDP for this year is expected to grow by 3.3%. Moreover, the large supply of credit – set at approximately R$130 billion, an amount more than 20% higher than that applied in 2011 – should keep the market warm, allowing the demand for roofing, roof covers and waterproofing to be one of the highest ever witnessed in industry and housing construction.
In line with this market movement is TeCobI Expo – International Roofing, Roof Covers and Waterproofing Show, gathering the latest innovations and technologies to the tops of buildings. Composed of a trade show and a conference program, the event will be held from June 18 to 20, 2012, at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo.
“When building or even renovating, the solutions adopted for the top of the buildings should be carefully designed, from the beginning. The selected materials and technologies play a fundamental role in a number of factors for the work, such as conservation, structural safety, thermal comfort, acoustic comfort, and energy efficiency, among others”, said engineer Guilherme Ramos, director of TeCobI Expo. He points out that a good roofing, roof cover and waterproofing design may guarantee mid- and long-term savings on maintenance and repairs, and power, whether it is by the use of natural light or by reducing the need for air conditioning.
“The market has been responding very well to the event’s proposal, especially because it is the only one dedicated to roofing, roof covers, and waterproofing. Forty percent of our spaces have been reserved, with a very positive prospect for the coming months”, explains Priscilla Fasterra, sales manager for TeCobI Expo. According to her, what sets TeCobI apart from other events that include the segments is precisely the fact that it is a focused event. “This characteristic is highlighted by our exhibitors, as it allows visitors to have greater objectivity in the search for solutions to be applied in their projects”, she adds.
TeCobI Expo exhibitors, in turn, have products to meet the needs of all types of projects, whether for residential, commercial, industrial or sports buildings or even public venues such as schools and hospitals, among others. Below are some examples:
– Dânica has a line of thermal tiles for residential use, whose main features include thermal comfort and power saving. The tiles are made of polyurethane core insulation, which blocks 95% of the heat, contributing to a more comfortable environment and saving air-conditioning power.
– Isoeste offers ISOTELHA® COLONIAL, which consists of three main parts: the bottom, in white aluminum film, whose purpose is to improve the aesthetic quality of the tile; the core, in expanded polyurethane foam, which provides thermal insulation; and the top, in pre-painted steel, shaped to reproduce, to its full extent, the shape of a colonial tile. The advantages of this compound are: excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, lightness, greater roof structure saving, durability, simplicity, and fast assembly.
– In the market for innovations in sports buildings, Day Brasil highlights its ControLite Lighting System for roof covers, which provides protection against UV (ultraviolet), IR (infrared radiation), and thermal insulation. With this system, which consists of rotating internal fins (articulated wings), it is possible to direct sunlight to increase or decrease intensity in the desired environment.
– The brand Minami, in turn, has a line of metal frames for roofs – a pre-shaped structure –, which allows for a fast assembly and makes the work safer and more durable. It is a solution that facilitates the builder’s work of and generates more savings for the customer.
– The company Sika has released the SikaFill Rápido, a liquid waterproofing coat whose main feature is speed; besides being ready on the same day, this is an easy-to-use, highly flexible product.
– Following the waterproofing sector, Viapol has released the new product Vedalaje Plus Manta Líquida, a water-based sealer that can be applied cold by brush, paint roller, or hair broom, forming a waterproof, elastic and flexible membrane on the surface, thus preventing the infiltration of water and moisture.
– Mactra’s Imperall Premium is a coating composed of acrylic minerals, suitable for outdoor environments, whose main function is to provide protection against the rain. Its unique technology makes it a four-in-one product, which waterproofs, seals, paints, absorbs shrinkage micro-cracks from the surface and eliminates problems in the interior finishing.
– Vedasempre has a complete solution to overcome the problems of infiltration without the need to break walls, slabs, floors, etc. The ICQF (Forced Chemical Capillary Injection) method eliminates leakage problems in cracks and crevices by injecting chemicals into any type of infiltration. The injected product follows the same path of the water, but in the opposite direction, locating the source of the leak and, after a short time within the cracks, taking the form of a flexible gel that produces the final sealing of the leak.
– Açoport’s Self-Supporting Tiles with IMAS Technology are made of galvanized steel, without seams, and have perfect tightness (sealing without leakage) both in flat and curved roof covers. They are produced in self-transporting profilers, providing the required length for each work, with simultaneous manufacturing and installation.
– In search of sustainable alternatives, Ecotelhado offers systems for construction of green roofs on nearly all types of structure. The company has a modular system that offers several advantages, such as: green surface, light weight, low maintenance, easy, fast assembly, and perfect drainage in case of floods.
The TeCobI Expo has the institutional support of key entities involved in the sector: IBI (Brazilian Institute of Waterproofing) SindusCon-SP (Union of the Construction Industry of the State of São Paulo), GBC Brasil (Green Building Council Brasil ) AsBEA (Brazilian Association of Architecture Offices), CRISOTILA BRASIL (Brazilian Chrysotile Institute), ATV Brasil (Green Roofing Association of Brazil), ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards), IAB-SP (Brazilian Institute of Architects– São Paulo Department), IE (Engineering Institute), SINAENCO (Union of Architecture and Engineering), ABCEM (Brazilian Association of Metallic Construction), AFEAL (Brazilian National Association of Aluminum Frame Manufacturers), ABECE (Brazilian Association of Engineering and Structural and Engineering Consulting), and ANFATECCO (Brazilian National Association Certified Concrete Tile Manufacturers).
The event
TeCobI Expo is expected to gather 150 manufacturers and distributors of the latest trends and technologies for the segment, applicable to construction, maintenance, and repair. In total, there will be 10,000m² of exhibition area with the latest in equipment, products and services, such as tiles, structures, accessories, fastening products, sealers, slabs, special paints, etc.
The target audience will comprise all professionals and companies involved in residential, commercial, industrial and sports construction, such as engineers, architects, contractors and construction companies, as well as retailers and distributors of products and equipment, and service providers. More than 8,000 professional visitors are expected to attend the event.
Source: Quartier Feiras