Merlo ensures the safe use of versatility

Few items of plant can claim the versatility of the telehandler; they have developed into true multi-purpose vehicles taking on the roles of forklift, crane, access platform, tractor and more. But, this versatility brings its own dangers. Traditionally, fitting an attachment could fool the machine, whilst changing none of the operating parameters. Hang a 4m-crane jib on the front of a 4 tonne handler and you have all the potential to overload the machine and/or the attachment in a permanent way.
Merlo is the first telehandler manufacturer to directly address the potential of overloading through attachment selection – with M CDC or Dynamic Load Control. The system precludes the driver from overloading either machine or attachment by automatically recognising the equipment used and selecting a load chart to suit. Once that is done, the system will only permit an ‘overload’ in emergency circumstances, on the driver’s specific command and only then for a limited time period.
Telehandler load control systems have typically relied upon sensing the rear axle loading – get too light and the buzzer goes off! M CDC does not – it measures the payload (through a load cell in the lift cylinder), boom elevation angle and boom extension. From that, the processor works out the load and its position in space – then compares it with what the load chart says. For the first time, there is a direct comparison with the load chart rather than a simple sensing of rear axle loading. The MCDC monitor displays the load and its position, together with the stability index as figures, digital warnings and as a ‘traffic light’. And, the load figures can act as a weigh station, displaying the last 20 weighings and totalising up to 9,999 tonnes.
Dynamic Load Control is already fitted as standard to the agricultural Turbofarmer series machines. Launching at Plantworx in May, the Merlo construction range, Panoramic will be progressively installed with MCDC.
Merlo has the huge advantage of developing its own electronic control systems in-house. The most sophisticated can be found on the Roto MCSS series where Continual Slew Safety (CSS) constantly monitors the pressure in the four outriggers.  An internal algorithm continually calculates stability and both displays and acts upon the results, preventing overloads in operation. Such functions of pre-set rotation and lift height also increase productivity.
Access Platforms have long been something of a Merlo speciality, with many different variants within Merlo’s 112-page attachment catalogue. Connecting a platform to a prearranged Merlo machine automatically changes the operating parameters to those of a MEWP, complying with EN280.
Merlo’s focus remains safety, productivity and performance.
Source: MERLO News Room