New Case F Series Compact Wheel Loader is Perfect in Every Mission

Paris, 25 September, 2014 Case Construction Equipment launched today the new F Series range of compact wheel loaders that sets new standards of productivity, versatility, comfort, all with low cost of operation. The four model line-up, ranging from the 4.4 ton 21F to the 6.2 ton 321F, delivers consistently high levels of performance in every task with the powerful, highly efficient new hydraulic system. The low cab means the new compact wheel loaders move efficiently in every jobsite and are easy to transport. Operators enjoy the superior comfort of the cab, maximizing their productivity with minimum fatigue, and waste no time in daily maintenance tasks as all service points are easily accessible from the ground.

New Case F Series CWL
New Case F Series CWL
Designed for productivity
The new F-Series is designed to maximize productivity and minimize the time needed for servicing and attachment changeover.
The optimal weight distribution enables the new compact wheel loader to lift a much bigger pallet load than its predecessor. For example, at the low end of the range, the 21F XT is designed to lift up to 2,000 kg – 400 kg more than the 21E model it replaces.
The XT parallel linkage and Z-bar arms maintain the forks parallel to the ground, so the operator can handle pallets easily and faster. The design of the arm enables the operator to load the pallet on the opposite side of the truck, significantly speeding up loading operations.
The articulated joint and oscillating rear axle result in excellent stability. When the front tyres hit a rock or a hole, there is no bucket roll motion so the full load stays in the bucket and the cab remains vertical, which results in greater operating comfort.
Designed to save time
The cab has been lowered so that the compact wheel loader can move easily within the jobsites and are easy to transport. With the low cab profile, the 21F and 121F fall under the 2.5 meter threshold so that they can easily travel under a 4 meter bridge when loaded on a truck. The narrow turning radius of the F Series compact wheel loaders further adds to their agility in tight spaces.
Case 221F
When switching tasks, no time is wasted as changing attachments only takes a few seconds with Case Connect-under-pressure. The connectors are automatically depressurized and no hand tools are needed.
Maintenance is also very quick and easy, with all service points accessible at ground level.
Powerful versatility and control
The new hydraulic system delivers all the power needed to operate even the most power-hungry attachment. The High Flow option, available on the 221F and 321F, increases flow from 70 to 130 litres per minute and enables the use of powered attachments such as snow blowers or asphalt planers that contribute to getting the job done faster.
Andy Blandford CNH
Andy Blandford, Head of the CNH Industrial Construction Equipment business in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, also attended
The new compact wheel loaders feature a 4-wheel drive hydrostatic transmission that offers a 33 km/h High Speed option on the 221F and 321F models with 2-gear mechanical gearbox. Turtle and rabbit speed can be engaged under load for maximum efficiency.
The new Inch & Brake pedal progressively disengages the transmission in the decelerating phase while progressively engaging the brakes, giving the operator millimetric control of the machine at low speeds.
The High Flow option comes with the new Creep Speed, which provides maximum hydraulic flow at constant speed in the 0 to 5.5 km/h range, ideal for tasks such as snow blowing, asphalt planning, brooming, trenching, compacting, and so on.
Alain De Nanteuil Enrica Oderda
The product launch was presented by Enrica Oderda, Case marketing director EMEA region and Alain de Nanteuil, Case Product Marketing for WL and CWL in EMEA
Superior comfort and safety
The cab of the new F Series compact wheel loaders provides a comfortable and safe work environment with features such as the 10 air vents, ergonomic layout, standard tilting adjustment of the steering wheel and the Case all-in-one joystick with adjustable wrist rest,
The all-in-in-one joystick with proportional auxiliary control, flow memory button, float function and F-N-R switch puts all the machine’s controls in the operator’s hand.
The cab also comes with ROPS and FOPS Level 2 protection as standard, so that the operator can work safely with confidence on all jobsites.
Presentation Alain De Nanteuil
Presentation Alain De Nanteuil
Low emissions, high power, low maintenance engine technology
The new compact wheel loaders run a 3.4 litre, 4-cylinder turbocharged multiple injection high pressure common rail FPT Industrial engine with Waste Gate. This feature reduces drops in turbo pressure, resulting in fast engine response under load and superior turbocharger reliability.
The F Series meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards with a unique maintenance free solution developed by FPT Industrial that relies on Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and a Particulate Matter (PM) catalyst. The quantity of PM is reduced in the DOC through a chemical reaction, and the residual PM is trapped in the PM catalyst. When It reaches a certain quantity in the catalyst, a light passive regeneration begins automatically.






Straight tipping load

XT: 3.0 tons

Z-bar: 2.7 tons

XT: 3.2 tons

Z-bar: 2.9 tons

3.1 tons

3.6 tons

Fork Payload (80% FTTL)

XT: 2.0 tons

Z-bar: 1.8 tons

XT: 2.2 tons

Z-bar: 1.9 tons

3.1 tons

3.6 tons

Bucket size

0.7 – 1.0  m3

0.9 – 1.1 m3

1.0 – 1.2 m3

1.1 – 1.3 m3


58 hp

64 hp

74 hp

74 hp

43 kW

48 kW

55 kW

55 kW


Max 5.4 ton

5.7 ton

6.0 ton

6.5 ton

Aux. Circuit

230 bar  / 67 lpm @ 2500 rpm

Std flow: 230 bar / 85 lpm @2500 rpm

High Flow: 230 bar / 130 lpm @2500 rpm

Cab Height

2.46 m

2.63 m

2.68 m