New Construction Opportunities from Old products – Asia Pacific Reman Summit 2015

Remanufacturing is a growth industry around the world as industries try to extract maximum value from their investment and reduce demand for raw materials. In some regions it’s more advanced than in others but areas where progress hasn’t been as rapid are making determined efforts to catch up. One of these areas is the Asia-Pacific region and the showcase for remanufacturing efforts will be the second Asia Pacific Reman Summit, held in Singapore this November.
For the construction trade remanufacturing is going to be an increasingly important factor. Commercial and regulatory pressures are going to make it essential to consider remanufacturing potential when selecting and installing building systems, for example. Being aware of the issues involved could be a major advantage at the tendering stage, giving you an edge over competitors. The use of remanufactured systems can bring substantial cost savings both for outfitting buildings and in some categories of plant. Finally the remanufacturing sector itself is going to be fuelling demand for new industrial premises. For anyone involved in construction in the Far East this event has a lot to offer.
The Reman Summit programme is built around a series of presentations and workshops by subject matter experts from all the major ASEAN economies. You’ll be able to find out the latest developments in vital areas like collection of products to be reworked, hear expert analysis of government policies and get a comprehensive understanding of the industry and how it’s forecast to develop. This will include case studies from leading remanufacturers in Japan, Australia, India and other Pacific Rim economies. Organisations at the event will include the Indian Ministry of Heavy Industries, the Malaysia Automotive Institute, Jaguar Land Rover and MTU – and that’s just a small selection.
Best of all, you’ll have the chance to talk to these experts and raise your own questions with them, as well as building a network of contacts from throughout the region. Whether it’s gaining a new understanding of local business cultures or developing links with potential collaborators, you’ll be in a much stronger position after the Reman Summit.
The Second Asia Pacific Reman Summit will be taking place at Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay from 12 – 13  November. Conveniently located on the edge of Singapore’s business district, the venue is easily accessible from Changi International Airport and has great access to local amenities. You can register online at the event website.