New Delft Underground Station Enters Test Phase

The new underground station for the Dutch city of Delft has moved into the test phase. Contractors working on the project, including BAM Utiliteitsbouw, Strukton and Combinatie Crommelijn, have presented the station for acceptance by client ProRail.
The new underground station is currently under construction at the site of the existing overground station which dates back to 1847. As well as the station itself, a large underground parking complex is also being constructed for the use of commuters. The project also involves the creation of a new green park directly above a southern section of tunnel, and the construction of new housing for Delft residents.
Following acceptance of the project, ProRail have now become the owners of the new underground station. The acceptance of the project has also give ProRail access to the tunnel in order to carry out testing, which will be done over the coming months.
The transition into the test phase marks a significant step for the project, and a key advance on the road towards opening for use. In terms of physical construction, work on the station is largely complete. The construction site has the appearance of a finished station, and both the station itself and the station hall are almost ready to begin service as an underground operating railway station, complete with commercial activities in the hall.
With little left in the way of construction work, the test phase represents the main step that the station must still go through before it starts to be serviced by trains. This phase will take place over the next several months, with a number of important tests being carried out to ascertain the station’s suitability for use as an active underground terminal. The station itself, the railway tunnel, and various systems and pieces of infrastructure will be tested and prepared.
Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) have now assumed ownership of the station hall. The company will soon begin the process of readying commercial activities that are planned to take place in this building. The plan is for both retailers and food outlets to operate within the station hall. NS plans to first begin making these commercial units available to leaseholders in December.
Speaking on behalf of ProRail, Spoorzone Delft project manager Ad Broeders welcomed the transition of the project into the new phase. Broeders said that “contractors Strukton Worksphere, Strukton Rail, BAM Utiliteitsbouw and Combinatie CrommeLijn have each rounded off a sizeable job and made a substantial contribution to the realisation of the total Spoorzone Delft project.”
Currently, it is hoped that the station will enter into use in Spring next year. This schedule may be subject to change, depending on how the testing phase proceeds, but if testing goes well then it is expected that the schedule will be met.
Matthew Scott