NordBau 2011 – Technology for a "greener" environment

„Today’s technology for tomorrow’s environment “ – this is a topic which stands in the center of the attention for the construction branch on this year’s edition of NordBau, from the 8th to the 13th September, 2011 in Neumünster. For the 56-th time about 900 exhibitors, local and foreign, expect about 70,000 visitors and guests on roughly 70,000 square meters of open area and 20,000 square meters in hall surface.
Again a colored kaleidoscope of products, new developments and advancements as well as an abundance of information from science and technology from the world of the construction is offered. Besides, the organizers in teamwork with the exhibitors lay a main focus on “climate and resources protection” as well as „ energy efficiency and environmental technology “.
The focal point for enthusiasts stands in the topical engine technology of construction machines and devices. The discussions turn around the tension field between default to pollutant and noises issues, climate protection and resource efficiency on the one hand and the customer’s demands for reasonable solutions oriented to cost effectiveness and user friendliness, on the other.On the reverse side, a building site is barely conceivable without noise by machines, devices and craft performances; however, it belongs to the duties of the building contractor to limit inevitable nuisances to a minimum.
On the NordBau 2011 innovative engine technologies will be shown, trends will be set and visions will be discussed. This happens not only in the exhibition stands, but also has a steady place in the exhibition’s agenda.
The engines and construction machines manufacturers react with it to the new EU-issue guidelines step IIIB for the not streets-engaged machines which are already obliging as with January 1st, 2011 for engines of class 130 to 560 kW. The guideline counts to the smaller engines of 56 to 130 kW to the 1st January, 2012 and for engines of the class of 37 to 56 kW to the first January, 2013.
Especially challenged are the engine manufacturers. Steadily more strictly growing legislation issues require from them a bigger responsibility. Innovative and environment-conscious solutions are already taken „ in the visor “in Neumünster, both for the waste gas steps animal 4 interim and animal 4 final. As with 2014 only about ten percent the today’s soot and NOx emissions will be allowed. This will bring massive changes in engine technology and exhaust systems particularly at diesel engines with more then 55 kW in capacity.
Diesel engines in mobile construction machines perform heavy work and should load the environment by this as little as possible. The legislator has set already in 1996 obliging limit values for the pollutant emissions. In future biddings the assignment decisions will be taken not only for the most affordable offer but mostly for the most economic and most ecological oriented offer. And by this, environmentally essential criteria have influence on biddings and assignment decisions of building contracts. It is a matter of effectively reducing in particular fine dust (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).
For the compliance of the limit values, beside the changes for the new engines also the components of waste gas aftercare in the machines must be obstructed. Since the space necessity for it is considerable, one can be curious how the construction machines manufacturers have solved these tasks. The NordBau, as the all country largest construction machines show in 2011 has therefore risen to the competitive exhibition of a new, environment-fairer machines generation.
In addition, competitive advantages already stand out for the enterprises which use construction machines of the newest EU issue guidelines on building sites. At an ongoing highway construction in Denmark and on subsequent building projects, contractors with this machine technology already have been granted the assignments. This might count in the future also for many environment-conscious towns and local authority districts in Germany – only enterprises with the most modern engine technology shall find assignment allowance, in sensitive cities, from now on.