NordBau 2017: The Deutsche Bahn Netz CEO, Rompf, opens NordBau

Neumünster. Professor Dirk Rompf, Chief of Deutsche Bahn Netz AG, for network planning and large scale projects, is opening NordBau 2017 (13th – 17th September 2017, Holstenhallen Neumünster). His keynote speech will be addressing the topic “Project Acceleration and Partnership Project Management. Infrastructure investments in North Germany”. At this year’s NordBau, Deutsche Bahn will be providing comprehensive information on major railway projects in the North of Germany.
The approximately 33,300 kilometers long Deutsche Bahn’s rail network is the largest in Europe. On average, about 40,000 trains travel on the rails daily. Several billion of Euros will be invested on the expansion and construction of the network in the North, by 2030. At NordBau, Deutsche Bahn intends to show how construction companies can benefit from infrastructural projects. The focus is on the railway connection of the planned fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt, the expansion of the Oldenburg-Wilhelmshaven railway line, the relocation of the long-distance Altona railway station, and the construction of the new S-Bahn line, S4, in the Hamburg area.
Other focal points of this year’s fair are the topics of digital building, building information modeling, BIM, and the greening of the cities, “Green to the City”.