NordBau Carries on the Success Story

Northern Europe compact construction fair to arouse youth fascination for construction professions
The 57th edition of NordBau Neumünster ended on Tuesday (11.09.2012), after six successful fair days. The largest specialized compact construction fair in North Europe was attended by 71.800 specialists and visitors, who could gather information on the whole range of construction machinery, construction materials, construction elements, heating and energy, as well as sewerage, on 69.000m² open air and 20.000 m² exhibiting halls, from 975 exhibitors.

For the first time a construction fair was the diving force in recruitment for construction professions as well as the first European trade fair platform for “healthy construction materials and renovations”.
The Monday of the fair was for more than 1600 girls and boys a tribune for attractive education pathways in constructions, under the motto „ Fascination of the construction professions”. The participants from schools in North Germany had already booked in advance of NordBau 2012 firm appointments, for in-depth discussions, with more than 40 companies. Therefore, lively animation prevailed in the dedicated hall of Nordjob-Bau. 17 years old Troy Kendon, a student of RBZ (Regionales Berufsbildungszentrum) Technik in Kiel took interest in systems and mechanical engineering. “I’ve been to totally 30 booths and have informed myself extensively. I find this event simply genius – I could look up also in the Internet, but here you can run conversations, ask questions and get a first impression on the company. I am quite taken, really.”
Daniel Hackbarth, 17 and from a community school took at NordBau information on the best course of training as a system manager. “I have, for example, inquired at the bauXpert GmbH on the professional chances as an IT specialist – this is for me a really exciting alternative”.
Freya Reimers and Milena Müller, students aged 16 and respectively 17, have used the Nord-Job-Bautag, to make contacts with the technical college in Lübeck. “We have a rather clear picture of our future professional orientation. We would like to study architecture and here, at the NordBau, we could gather further information on the technical college and the curriculum.”
Thomas Zinke, branch manager of the HKL Baumaschinen GmbH, resumed: „They are being very well trained at their schools so the acceptance rate here, at the information booths, is very high“. “The youngsters are at the right age so that we can win them for us through practice, for instance. This way we could then better build their professional training, in our case as machinery mechanics, office administrators or wholesale trade businessmen. We find this NordBau training exchange as an excellent success!”
Particularly well received was the, for the first time at this fair, „healthy home“. The Sentinel Haus Institut has coordinated and implemented the issue with partners in the construction materials industry. Healthy living stands high up on the future wish list of contracting clients for home building and renovation. The request for tested and low emissions constructions materials is very high not only for homeowners but also for open buildings, kindergartens and schools.
Not only impressive sales figures show in Zeppelin’s positive fair statistics but also substantiated expert discussions and numerous customer contacts at the well visited booth. Michael Heidemann rejoices on the successful fair: “We are strongly convinced that based on the business fair this year, we will achieve even more transactions”,
Thomas Bäuerle, sales promotion manager of Liebherr Hydraulikbagger GmbH, pointed out that for his company NordBau is the most important construction fair in the North European area. “The quality of the specialized audience is always impressive. There were many decision makers present, so that also this year numerous promising projects could be initiated”.
Also for Volker Christmann, chairman of the management of Rockwool GmbH, NordBau becomes more and more important: “The number of specialists among the over 70.000 visitors coming to Neumünster, becomes higher every year – this is what our evaluations show. Hence, we use this event also as a pilot fair, to verify on our rehabilitation products.”
The following 58th NordBau takes place from the 12th to the 17th of September , 2013.

Source: NordBau News Room