Oakwood Demolition finds an ‘ace’ way to fight dust

London based Oakwood Demolition, have invested in ACE Plant’s latest on-site dust suppression machinery.

With an increasing workload, Oakwood Demolition decided to evaluate their current arrangements for controlling dust on site and soon became drawn to the versatility of ACE Plant’s Dustfighter range.

ACE Plant (2)
A DF7500MPT working on an Oakwood Demolition site

Oakwood have purchased a Dust-fighter DF75000MPT, a complete dust suppression unit that produces a fine mist of water through a series of high-pressure jets. The mist is propelled onto the site by a powerful fan, covering a wide area in just a few moments, rendering the area free from unhealthy and hazardous material. The DF75000MPT is powered by an on-board 22kVA generator and an integral 2000-litre stainless steel tank. It is entirely self-contained, which alleviates the need for a company to use additional or ancillary equipment, quite simply, the Dust-fighter 7500MB arrives on site ready for instant operation.

In addition, the DF7500MPT has a coverage range of around 60-metres and its water consumption can be as low as 10-litres per minute, making it a very flexible and cost effective dust suppression solution. The unit can also be remotely controlled.

Explaining the decision to make this investment, Oakwood Demolition’s service director, Mike Hughes, said, “on past contracts we have made do with our own fan-based dust suppression set, but when we added up the costs and the inconvenience of having to gather together a generating set, cables, hoses and pressured water feeds that are required to operate our old fan system, the decision to purchase an “all-in-one” Dustfighter from ACE Plant became obvious.”

The fast growing demolition, recycling and ground works specialists, Oakwood, are well aware of their responsibilities to control airborne dust. As Mike Hughes explained, they had previously been using a traditional fan based dust suppression set, however these systems need an external power supply, alongside pressurised water feeds. This means, that to operate this system, the contractor has to bring together an array of ancillary equipment in order for the set to run effectively. It was the “all-in-one” and high specification that convinced Oakwood Demolition to invest in the new Dustfighters from ACE Plant.