rika plast
rika plast

Rika Twisty Nozzle can be rotated up to 360°

You no longer have to squirm like a contortionist when jointing hart-to-reach places. Jointing from underneath and around corners is now possible with our
RIKA twisty nozzle a new sealing nozzle, which is flexible and can be rotated to an angle of up to 360° degrees.
It makes jointing easy at corners, around pipes and hidden edges. For example, it comes in handy when jointing around toilets, bathtubs, shower cubicles, as well as kitchen and bathroom cabinets. You avoid hurting your back and limbs due to turning and twisting while trying to reach bottom and top cabinets
Rika twisty nozzle 360° facilitates jointing, while saving time and offering much better-looking results as carpenter and owner of MS Totalbyg, Morten Sølfeldt says.
The company has exclusively gone over to using the flexible sealing nozzles because they offer the complete range of rotating possibilities from the standard to up to 360 degrees.
The sealing nozzle fits on all common cartridges and can be used for everything from sealants, adhesives, silicone, filler compounds etc.
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Youtube: Rika Nozzle360°