SAMOTER 2014: Veronafiere and Industry Associations Together to Promote Earth-Moving and Site Machinery World-Wide

New markets and sustainability at the heart of the 29th edition of Samoter, the international triennial exhibition dedicated to earth moving and site machinery. 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the event and sees the debut of Asphaltica, the solutions and technology exhibition for road paving, safety and infrastructures. Asphaltica is organised in cooperation with Siteb, the reference association in Italy for the entire road building sector.

Trade delegations are expected from more than 40 countries, with a focus on Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean area and the Gulf Region. Aisem, Anfia, Ascomac, Comamoter, Cantiermacchine, Ucomesa, Unacea and Assodimi come together in the Steering Committee promoted by Veronafiere for an event truly tailored to the needs of the industry.

Samoter2011Verona, 13 January 2014. Aisem, Anfia, Ascomac, Cantiermacchine, Comamoter, Ucomesa, Unacea and Assodimi: the main associations representing construction equipment manufacturers met yesterday at Veronafiere. The meeting was organised in order to outline a roadmap shared with Veronafiere with a view to the 29th edition of Samoter, the international triennial exhibition dedicated to earth-moving and site machinery (

In 2014, in fact, the event is the landmark occasion in Europe and ensures a preferential observatory for the construction world to take stock and look into the future. While waiting for the recovery on the still slipping domestic market, exports of machinery made in Italy continue to take the lion’s share, posting 1.8 billion euros in value in the first nine months of 2013.

Exports are therefore the best way to continue to development the sector and Veronafiere, through Samoter, is the tool at the service of the internationalisation of this important segment of the Italian industrial system, that is worth more than 2.5 billion euros in overall terms.

That is why new markets, together with the economic and environmental sustainability of construction industry (“Sustain.ability”), are the focus of the coming edition of Samoter.  Veronafiere, in collaboration with Chambers of Commerce and ICE offices in Rome, has worked and invested to increase incoming business missions of buyers and professionals from Europe (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and Switzerland), Eastern Europe (Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine), Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey), the Americas (Brazil and United States) and Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Mozambique, South Africa and Tunisia).

The 2014 Edition of Samoter,” said Ettore Riello, President of Veronafiere, “is even more strategic in that this year, at a time of crisis in the industry, it is the only trade show scheduled anywhere in Europe. As an exhibition centre, our mission is to be a platform for business development of companies and Samoter sees us committed in this regard on two fronts: international – with an active presence on most promising scenarios for the construction world such as East Europe, the Mediterranean basin and the Gulf area – and in Italy itself – characterised as ever by a very specialised machinery market in view of the particular land features in our country.”

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the first edition and is an important year for Samoter even from the point of view of innovations and initiatives in the programme, as explained by Giovanni Mantovani, CEO & Director General of Veronafiere: “We have focused on innovating the format, starting with the co-presence of Asphaltica, the international solutions and technology show for road paving, safety and infrastructures, which is an ideal complementary event for the sectors covered by Samoter.

The event now has four instead of five days to help optimise B2B meetings in accordance with the requests made by exhibitors. We also enhanced the 2.0 promotion, sending 1.8 million newsletters to a selected database of 80,000 contacts, while the show’s online portal has achieved over 100,000 international contacts, with more than 2 million page views.”

The definition of priorities and objectives for this edition of the show involved the active collaboration of companies and associations through a Steering Committee. “The goal was to create an exhibition event increasingly responsive to the needs of the sector,Mantovani added;we involved the main industry associations in order to define the most appropriate marketing strategies for each market segment. We are confident that this partnership will achieve important input in terms of design, planning and exhibitor attendance.”

Samoter 2014 is also an occasion for comparison and analysis: while scientific development and promotion of the construction industry find their landmark in the Samoter International Award, the Samoter Innovation Competition ensures visibility for producers of machinery and technologies presenting previews of structural and functional innovations implemented in their products, thereby encouraging creativity, design and production of original and cutting edge products and services.

Source: Samoter