Scotland Build Puts Glasgow On The Expo Map

SSCOTLAND BUILD LOGOcotland’s famous for its scenic mountains and coastlines but it also has several busy modern cities, and in recent years it’s been one of the busiest parts of the UK for the construction industry. In fact in 2014 half of Britain’s new building projects were in Scotland. There’s a real boom underway at the moment, so it’s no surprise that a new industry expo will be launching this year. The inaugural Scotland Build 2015 will be running from 25-26 November at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow, and it looks like being an exciting addition to the exhibition circuit.
As you’d expect from a country with such a long industrial tradition Scotland manufactures a huge range of construction products, and a wide selection will be on display at Scotland Build. Exhibitor categories will cover everything from plant to finishing materials, taking in software, climate systems and even Jacuzzis. As well as Scottish companies expect to see a good lineup from the rest of the UK and internationally; the Scottish construction scene is very attractive and most of the big-name firms will be keen to have a presence. Upwards of 150 exhibitors are likely to attend with the full list due to be released soon.
As well as the exhibitors Scotland Build will be hosting a wealth of conference sessions and CPD-accredited workshops. There will be over 40 speakers delivering presentations, from both the construction industry and government, so this is a fantastic opportunity to hear what experts have to say about working in Scotland. Even for UK firms that’s very valuable, because the law in Scotland isn’t exactly the same as it is south of the border. You’ll also have the chance to hear about the latest developments in equipment and materials, and how they’re impacting on the trade. It’s also an ideal opening to start making local contacts and finding out about upcoming projects, so if you’re interested in working in Scotland this is one event you don’t want to miss.
The SECC is a great venue for the exhibition; it’s a modern, well equipped exhibition center with a full range of on-site amenities including a restaurant, coffee shop and even a four-star hotel. It has good transport links to Glasgow Airport and the main railway stations, and is only a short trip from the city center, so it’s easy to do some sightseeing while you’re there. Visitor registration for Scotland Build is free; simply sign up through the event website.