Manitou Group at Plantworx

It is not surprising that the Manitou Group is one of the major players in the construction market particularly in the rental sector by continuing to deliver innovative and fresh concepts for our customers in this highly competitive and demanding industry. Manitou UK also continues to dominate the rotary and heavy lift market place through a number of prestigious rental companies and are industry innovators in the heavy lift and high lift market place.
The MRT 3255 will be taking centre stage on the Manitou stand complete with a 7.2 tonne capacity winch demonstrating with ease how rental companies can offer a cost effective solution within the construction market. In addition the MHT 10180 will be on display from the Manitou heavy lift range which offers specialist rental companies in the UK the ability to hire out machines from
9 -22.5 ton.
Manitou have responded to the access market as there was growing demand for a 12mtr lighter weight machine that has all the capabilities of a larger machine. The preview of the MAN’GO 12 will be of great interest to rental companies who require an access platform that keeps cost down as it is easy to transport, offers good maneuverability, and ease of operation.
The MAN’GO 12 still has an impressive engine and complies with all regulations even though due to being below EU emission regulations it does not require either Adblue or a DPF filter. The machine is also easy to maintain as it has less components.
The wide range of Manitou’s portfolio ideal for this industry is again proven on the stand the MT 625, which has dominated the market place for 3 years, is on display along with the Gehl and Mustang skidsteers. These machines offer versatility and value for money as they are all adaptable to a variety of applications.
MRT 3255
High-capacity & simplicity
In the MRT 3255, you’ll find everything that has made the Manitou brand successful in the development of the rotative telescopic truck: 3-in-1 machine, 4 drive and steering wheels, 3 steering modes,… and much more…
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The MRT 3255 has a nominal fork capacity of 5.5 tons at 600 mm, with the ability to:

  • move a 5-ton load up to 10 m and a 2.5-ton load to the maximum height.
  • work with a 7.2-tons capacity winch.
  • install a 12 ton-capacity boom foot winch

The MRT 3255 is equipped with a Mercedes231 hp Tier 4 Final SCR engine, which complies with the latest standards in effect in Europe and the USA, all while reducing the consumption of the machine.
The new Continuously Variable Transmission provides greater simplicity, power and precision. The optimized torque, whatever the speed, means better efficiency, better traction force and lower fuel consumption.
The machine is equipped with a “hydro-pneumatic suspension system” for adjusting its height, to maintain optimal comfort when traveling on roads. The system can also level the machine on the construction site, to keep the sides and front horizontal.
An automated parking brake is, of course, included as standard.
So that it can lift heavy loads, the MRT 3255 includes several functions to keep it stable.
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  • Anti-leaning device: on rough or sloping terrain, when the machine is on tires, the user can maintain its load horizontally, laterally (+/- 8°) or longitudinally (+/- 3°). The anti-leaning device operates longitudinally (+/- 3°).
  • Adaptable load chart: this system allows the driver to only partially deploy one or more stabilizers. The computer then automatically selects the most appropriate load chart, in proportion to the position of the stabilizers.
  • Telescopic stabilizers composed of three elements (one fixed and two mobile), providing a stabilization surface of more than 45 m².
  • Calculation and limitation of the working zone
  • A single button to stabilize and level the machine

The MRT 32552 includes 2 levers as standard for intuitive use and the option to combine the movements of the boom and the attachment at the same time.
The operator has technology at his side to make operation easier and safer:

  • Maximum movement speeds memorized: according to your environment or the work to be done, you memorize the maximum movement speeds of all of the boom actuators
  • New control system by from the Privilege Plus series, with a 9-inch screen and a navigator
  • Electric tilting seat: to keep the attachment visible even at maximum height
  • Cameras, positioned at the rear or at the head of the boom, secure the use of the machine (option).
  • Remote control allowing all functions of the machine to be controlled remotely (optional)

The Load State Controller continuously analyzes the position of the load in space and the working configuration of the machine. The system restricts the zone of movement depending on the attachment, the load that is handled and the stabilization surface.
E-Reco is a recognition system that detects the attachment and proposes the corresponding working configuration.

  • In telescopic mode, the following attachments are available: Tilting fork-holder carriage, unattached fork carriage, dump skips and a multitude of Manitou-approved attachments,
  • In crane mode: crane jibs, winches, crane-winch, etc.
  • In access platform mode: standard access platform, roofer’s access platform, “Aerial Jib” access platform, winch access platform, specific access platform, etc.


MRT 3255 / MRT-X 3255


5,500 kg@600 mm

Capacity with winch at the head of the boom

7.2 tons

Max lifting height

31.60 m


231 hp / 170 kW

197 hp / 145 kW


Continuous transmission CVT DANA 319


Variable piston pump 210l/min – 350 bar

Overall length

8.50 m

Overall width

2.50 m



Tare weight

23,956 kg

The MRT 3255 is used on construction sites by roofers, in metal construction, in cladding or in more industrial applications such as steel erection or industrial maintenance.
The MRT 3255 can be fitted with a new Manitou-approved attachment, a 7.2-ton capacity winch.

“The application versatility of rotative telescopic trucks is undeniable,”

says Jean-Philippe Herel, Product Line Manager of the Rotative and Heavy range.

“Depending on the attachments fitted at the end of the boom, the MRT is material-handling machinery, a lifting platform and a crane, all at the same time. With the MRT 3255, Manitou is demonstrating its know-how by offering a material-handling solution of unequaled capacity.”

manitou plantworx pr2
Following the industry needs, MANITOU has been working on a 12 m access platform project, which is economically advantageous for rental companies and their customers, the MAN’GO 12.
The challenge was to create a competitive machine while retaining MANITOU’s DNA. It was therefore out of the question to reduce the safety, quality or reliability of the machines.
To resolve this problem, MANITOU has entirely reviewed the design of the machine. The solution involved technical choices which are a real breakthrough compared to the standards for articulated platforms.

  • 1st revolutionary change: the operating mechanism – a redesigned lifting structure.

Instead of a 3-part articulated arm supported by 2 rams, MANITOU made the choice of lifting the structure arm driven by a single ram and a system of fulcrums favouring speed of movement. Also, a 1,500 mm jib improves access to the working zone. This overall structure provides a simplified version of the elevation part, an elementary contribution to reducing the total cost.

  • 2nd revolutionary change: the transmission based on the wheel engines.

The access platform is driven by the wheel engines. The machine retains its all-terrain character through control and management of the distribution of hydraulic oil in the 4-wheel engines and differential hydraulic locking on demand.

  • 3rd revolutionary change: the engine located in the chassis.

This engine position gives a lower center of gravity, which contributes to making the machine lighter. This design also enabled the width of the turret to be reduced, to improve the operator’s view of the steering wheels; this significantly improves safety on congested sites.

  • 4th revolutionary change: the name of this new access platform, the MAN’GO.

MANITOU has put a machine on the market that is totally distinct from its fellow TJ and ATJ machines on the numerous points mentioned above, and especially in terms of design and graphical charter. This is why its name has changed.
It would have been easy to create a 120 ATJ to offer a 12 m access platform to the market. But to fully respond to the specifications of its rental-company customers, MANITOU had to radically change the design.
To design an attractive access platform, MANITOU relied on technical choices rather than renouncing its DNA. So, the MAN’GO includes all of the characteristics of MANITOU access platforms:

  • Flexible movements
  • The operator’s feeling of safety in the basket
  • Truck-mounted diagnostic
  • All-terrain ability

Concerning components, MANITOU has used suppliers recognized in the field of material handling to ensure their quality.
The hydrostatic transmission from POCLAIN provides flexible and precise machine controls at low speed, and the ability to drive the access platform on very steep slopes.
HYDAC supplies all hydraulic units and components for optimal distribution at the level of the steering and the structure.
Furthermore, this new design has numerous advantages:

  • Lightness: with a weight close to 4 tons, the MAN’GO is about 1 ton lighter than its competitors, which represents significant savings in terms of transport for rental companies.
  • Compact design: At 1.80 m width, it is 10 cm narrower than its competitors, hence it is easier to use it in restricted environments, particularly those encountered in town centers and certain confined construction sites.
  • Simplicity: operators who are used to MANITOU access platforms easily get their bearings because the controls in the basket are standardized with the ATJ/TJ ranges. The machine has just 1 joystick to lift the entire structure; this will make the machine easy to use.
  • Low TCO: an attractive purchase price, transport cost savings, low consumption thanks to a small engine and electronic management of the engine speed which has proved its effectiveness on the entire internal-combustion-engine range, simplified maintenance thanks to the integrated diagnostic system well known to our customers, etc. These are all factors which make the TCO attractive for rental company customers.

The new MAN’GO 12 is a significant breakthrough compared to existing models of access platforms. It concentrates the essential qualities of MANITOU access platforms while offering a new alternative for the rental companies market.


Basket capacity

230 kg/2 operators

Working height

11.910 m

Translation speed

5.2 km/h

Overall length

5.500 m
(4.500 folded down on lorry)

Overall width

1.800 m

Overall height

2.00 m

Jib length

1.52 m


  • Small building assemblies / finishing work
  • Renovation / demolition
  • Events, etc.


“We really wanted to respond to a requirement with a dedicated technical solution. Each function has been completely redesigned, without any inhibitions, to offer an appropriate alternative, while of course always keeping in mind the attractive aspect that is sought in economic terms, but also for greater simplicity. With the MAN’GO, we are showing that we can take a different approach while still retaining the very essence of MANITOU.”

Samuel Viaud, Product Manager, access platforms.
500,000 Machine Celebrations

  • MANITOU Group: n°1 on the rough-terrain material-handling market
  • An undisputed leadership symbolised by the 500,000th machine
  • A worldwide french and family-run company

This year marks the launch of the 500,000th machine manufactured by the MANITOU Group. With its MANITOU, GEHL & MUSTANG brands and more than 400 models sold through the world, the Group celebrates the event and its leadership on the rough-terrain material-handling market.
MANITOU is indeed the fruit of family work since the creation of the Braud-Faucheux company more than 60 years ago. Surrounded by his family, Marcel BRAUD has built MANITOU Group around his pioneering spirit, drawing his ideas in-house as well as from outside, with an all-encompassing view of the markets.
The rough-terrain forklift truck was born in 1958, hybrid between the existing forklift truck and the farm tractor. Now The MANITOU Group designs, manufactures, distributes and services equipment for Construction, Agriculture and the Industries and the Group product ranges include: telehandlers, all-terrain, semi-industrial and industrial masted forklifts, skid steers, track loaders, articulated loaders, access platforms, truck-mounted forklifts, warehousing equipment and attachments. To mark the occasion an MLT 735 with ‘special edition’ colours has been produced. This version will be produced in a limited edition of 80 units stamped ‘500,000th’, full options, with PREMIUM and ELITE packages included, one of which will be on the Manitou stand at the Plantworx show.
The events ‘500,000th’ have already begun in France (ACTIMAN), in Germany, in the United Kingdom and in Spain through open days, dealer meetings and shows! Here in the UK the ‘special edition’ MLT 735 will also be on display at Dealer events and shows throughout the year.