SEE Sustainable Experience – Join Queensland’s green building boom

SEE Sustainable Experience 2015
Sustainable building is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the industry, for all sorts of good reasons. Saving resources and energy is going to be essential if we’re going to be able to maintain current levels of economic growth and the construction industry has a vital role to play in that. SEE Sustainable Experience, running at Brisbane Showgrounds from 18-20 June, is Australia’s leading expo for builders who’re interested in going green – and it looks like being an outstanding event.
SEE Sustainable Experience will feature a wide range of exhibitors who specialise in low-impact techniques and materials. Exhibits will highlight ways to save all sorts of resources, achieve maximum use of recycled and repurposed materials, and create buildings with minimal environmental impact. The list of companies who’ll be attending is still growing but already includes Brickworks, Thermoshield, Balsalation and Fusion HVAC,.
As you’d expect from an event focused on sustainability there’s a heavy emphasis on energy saving. Exhibits will include modern, efficient climate control systems – an essential in Australia’s climate, but traditionally a major power consumer. There’s also a focus on insulation, both on new ways of using it and on alterative, environmentally friendly materials. Every aspect of materials and methods will be covered though, right down to sustainable finishes and energy-efficient lighting.

Sustainable building is a fast-moving field, with both technology and legislation evolving rapidly, and it can be difficult to stay up to date. The exhibition is laying on an extensive education package to help out with that. The centrepiece is the Sustainability Stage, with open forum sessions designed to help visitors learn more about sustainability. There’s a particular emphasis on Queensland and how the construction industry can help preserve its unique environment but a lot of it is applicable worldwide. There will also be seminars on specific themes and case studies showing how products and methods have been used in an impressive list of real-world projects.
A lot of the value of trade events is in networking, meeting new contacts and finding out how they’ve met the challenges sustainable building presents. SEE Sustainable Experience will be the best opportunity to do that for anyone looking at working in Queensland or throughout Australia, and has a lot to offer a worldwide audience too. With all that’s going to be on display this is a great opportunity to keep up to date with leading-edge construction technology. Entry is free – just sign up on the event website – but the value this expo presents would make it tempting at any price.