Single-Arm CX250C Built For Norwegian Operator

Case Construction Equipment dealer Dagenborg Maskin AS, from Tromso in Norway, has modified a Case CX250C crawler excavator to allow the machine to be operated using a single joystick. When operator Thomas Rostad lost much of his right hand in an accident, contractor KIME Maskinentreprenor Kare Isaksen AS, and in particular company owner Morten Willumsen, was very keen for Mr Rostad to return to work, so had the machine rebuilt to meet his individual requirements.
Total Dealer Support
KIME AS has a strong working relationship with Case dealer Dagenborg, having purchased 15 Case machines in the past, including CX290B, CX300C and CX250C excavators. Dagenborg spent many hours fine-tuning the CX250C to allow the excavator to operate smoothly through a single joystick when Mr Rostad is driving, or at the touch of the monitor, to operate with the conventional two joystick layout for other drivers.
The company has been particularly satisfied with the excellent fuel consumption and productivity that is has experienced with its many Case machines in the past. That confidence in the Case excavator, along with its strong working relationship with Dagenborg Maskin, was an important factor in the decision to add the CX250C to the fleet

“Dagenborg Maskin’s ability to understand and implement a solution to meet this unconventional need highlights the excellent service, flexibility and attention that our network provides to our customers,” said Lene Thornholm, Case Construction Business Manager for the Nordic and Benelux regions.
“It is very easy to control,” he said. “It has been more difficult to learn to write with my left hand than to operate the machine.”
KIME was established in 1973 and carries out a variety of construction and civil engineering works throughout Norway. The company is involved in pipe and underwater excavation, road and pavement construction, house building and recycling. However Mr Rostad will be mainly involved in road building, which includes some pipe laying work.
To meet this need the machine is also supplied with a rototilt attachment, that functions through buttons on the left hand servo lever, allowing fine shaping and grading works to be carried out. All C Series Case excavators use the Case Intelligent Hydraulic System, that ensures the most efficient use of the engine and hydraulic system, to boost productivity and increase control for the operator.
“The Case CX250C is a very good machine,” says Mr Rostad. “Especially the sensitive hydraulics, which allow me total control of the bucket or attachment. The Case hydraulics provide me with maximum sensitivity, which was a good start for me coming back to work.”
Source: Case Construction