Single hand control for construction machines – Vemcon uniGRIP system at bauma

Three former students of the Technical University of Munich made a single hand control for construction machines ready for mass construction. The development is called uniGRIP. They will present it at the bauma and show how this steering system functions under actual working conditions with comparison to a conventional steering system.
The Vemcon uniGRIP system is an innovative, upgradeable excavator control system with an ergonomic control device, which allows to operate the machine in an intuitive way. Both joysticks are replaced with the Vemcon uniGRIP. Each hand movement, performed by the excavator driver with the Vemcon uniGRIP is being transferred to a similar tool movement of the machine. Thus the excavator driver has the feeling of holding the tool directly in his own hand. This intuitive machine operation allows untrained personnel to quickly work in an effective way with the construction machine. But even excavator experts profit, as they now control complex tool attachments more efficient with the uniGRIP system.
Modules of the uniGRIP System:
Vemcon uniGRIP (Control Unit)
Vemcon Vio (Controller)
Vemcon PowerBlock 10+ (Valve Block)
Vemcon Config (Configuration Software)
Vemcon Display Mini (optional)
Wachendorf Display (optional)

Source: youtube “baumaMunich”
Presentation can be seen at their bauma stand “Outdoor Area F6 Stand 613
Source: Vemcon