„Build safe – Live safe“– trending topic of the NordBau

58th North- German specialized constructions fair

„Build safe – Live safe“– trending topic of the NordBau
Neumünster.– “Build safe – Live safe” is one of the top subjects of the 58th edition of NordBau in Neumünster (12th to 17th of September 2013). Numerous exhibitors will prepare their presentations accordingly and will show relevant solutions.
„This topic is a logical continuation of the “Build for healthy living”, which set the pace of last year’s largest compact fair in northern Europe. It is for the grand metropolitan regions such as Hamburg, Stockholm or Copenhagen that these topics shall define constructions for the coming years. “Build safe – Live safe” won’t be discussed in Neumünster, under its various aspects, only by constructors, engineers and architects but it will address especially home building companies, municipalities and home owners. One of the partners, playing a part in this is the “Association of home and land owners in Schleswig-Holstein, with the perception of its 64.000 members on further requirements and safety, as well as living amenities and design.
“Build safe -Live safe” in relation to the life cycle of buildings, is just as undisputable as the use of safe for living construction materials. A new information and advisory center to this topic and to the network of accordingly trained trades will be set up in Hall 8. The main contact point of the “Sentinel Haus Institut” will be there – as quite the offer during the trade fair days. Specialized visitors and guests may gather information on construction materials, interesting not only for the allergic. Also occupants and users of live and work spaces find answers to their questions at this info-point.
In Hall 7 the fair visitors will be offered demonstrations by craft producers in terms of belongings security being part of modern living. The Northern Quality Community of Protective Engineering (QSN) and the Land Police Office present the nowadays available possibilities of break–in preventions – a current issue, since the number of home break-ins rose again. The most modern security technology, controlled by mobile phone, will be shown also by the electronics producers in Hall 2.
Many attractive events in the framework program about break-in prevention, related to security, are completing the fair offers. Adding to it is “Occupational safety changing”, a professional development event of the Professional Association Bau Hamburg, with the expert conference “Break –in protection”; in cooperation with QSN and the Land Police Office, the “Expert conference innovative insulators” of the Working Group for Contemporary Building, as well as the Neumünster Fire Protection Expert Conference, of the Ministry of the Interior.
Source: Nordbau